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Every now and then, I complain or "rant" about something. I'm sure I rant loads of times during the day. "Rants" is a meme which is pretty simple to get: you rant. Book related or not, it's to get something off your chest, to let you express yourself.
Today's rant is on NetGalley.
Hello, my name is Rabiah, and I am a request-a-ton-of-books-on-NetGalley-aholic.
Yeah, I think I have an addiction.

The problem starts when I first go onto NetGalley. Obviously, NetGalley is not the problem, and for y'all out there who have no clue as to what NetGalley is, here's a little info:

NetGalley is a website which publishing companies can send out eBook ARCs (eGalley), usually to those bloggers overseas, or from companies which don't print ARCs, but want a whole ton of hype for the book.

So now that you're up to speed, whenever I go onto NetGalley, a lot of the time, there'll be some book which I really want to read and review. So I click the little 'Request' button and then most of the time, or when I'm lucky, an email will come a few days later saying, "You can now access this eGalley" and stuff and then I'm like, YAY! and doing all sorts of happy dances. But lately, that's kinda become


The thing is, and the whole point of today's rant, is that BECAUSE I've gotten so many eGalleys through NetGalley, I've been behind on reading, and then sadly, and more frequently recently, I can't even read the book. a) Because my reading pile is so big that I can't even get to it which TOTALLY stresses me out, and b) the expiry date. The eGalleys only come for a certain time and then, BAM expires. Like milk.
I know what you're thinking, 'Why don't you just go back to NetGalley and re-download it'. Um, okay, I know you can do that. I get it. But the thing is, that's it's really only on NetGalley for a limited time before the title is archived by the author. THEN, I have a problem. No more downloading! :(
This has happened for several amazing books, not only through NetGalley, but also Simon & Shusters Galley Grab as well. Countless amazing books, all gone with one expiration date, all because a girl can't get through the massive reading pile.

I know, I guess I AM the one to blame, for being the requesting-aholic, but yeah, I need time to read, so lesson learned people. If you did want me to review your book, you should totally send it through as a PDF from YOU not NetGalley and then BAM! No expiry date, or send my a physical book, even better. LOL, but anyway, still blaming myself. Anywhoo, enough letting off steam. Need to go read (and it's a book which expires tomorrow...).

I bet I'm not the only person who faces this problem, am I?

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  1. You're definitely not the only one with this problem. We don't even do NetGalley -- in fact, we don't review books at all, because we don't want our problem to get worse! But with 4 of us constantly buying or borrowing books, we have a huge library available to us, and sometimes it seems like we're trapped in a giant room of books and the only way to survive is to READ THEM ALL!!!! o_O

    How do we combat that feeling? Well, mostly we just try to remind ourselves that it's okay to not finish a book we're not enjoying, and that if we miss the opportunity to read one book, we can always find it again later. Reading one at a time helps, too.


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