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Monday, September 1, 2014

The Space Between Trees by Katie Williams

The Space Between Trees by Katie Williams

Release Date: June 2, 2010
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Rated: YA 14+
Format: Paperback
Source: Pansing
Buy: AmazonThe Book Depository
Goodreads Website

Evie's not sure why she started lying to the girls at school about her friendship with Jonah, her fellow paper route employee. Jonah is older, a college dropout with broad shoulders, a streak of scarlet in his hair, and mystery in his eyes. More than anything, Evie just wants something to happen, so she invents a nonexistent romance out of a crush. But when Jonah discovers a body in the woods—a girl Evie knew when she was little—Evie's lies grow more complicated. As Evie hunts down the killer, she comes to find that her lies are the only things she can trust. Readers will churn through the pages of Katie Williams's suspenseful debut novel and feel the chill of goosebumps in its wake.

First off, I’m kind of jealous, because I saw the hardcover, and it looks absolutely GORGEOUS. The trees covering the title page? I NEED to get my hands on it soon. Anyway... this one took a little bit of time getting into, but when I did, I couldn’t stop. The Space Between Trees, other than the slow beginning and the somewhat anticlimactic end, was an interesting exploration of death and friendship, how one event can change a person’s life. I’d heard of Katie Williams’ books before, but I’d never read any of them until now. Absent sounds a little bit like this one, and should have the same brilliant creepy atmosphere, so now I’m dying to read it!

I hate to say this, but I found Evie’s character really annoying. I know, I wish I didn’t. It would have made this book a lot more enjoyable. I think it’s also why it took me a while to get into this one: her character’s voice stuck out so much during the first ten pages or so, and it sounded SO childish for a sixteen year old, so I was kind of put-off by the narrative voice. I really liked Hadley’s character though. Even though normally I don’t take a liking to the overly-confident-acting-older-than-the-actually-are-in-the-most-annoying-way type of people, I could actually stand her character because she seemed REAL.

What I enjoyed was the different relationships that grow in this novel, and I particularly liked the interaction between Evie and Mr. McCabe. Instead of a book that solely focused on the death of Zabet, I was pleasantly surprised that the plot actually looked at other things, with the murder running as an undercurrent to the novel. Obviously, the main plot is trying to find out who murdered Zabet, but the events throughout the book didn’t actually have much to do directly with it. However, as I mentioned before, I didn’t like the ending. It felt a little flat after the build up and suspense that I felt when reading the book. I was really hoping for a lot more!

Katie Williams’ is an author I’m definitely going to be on the look out for. Her debut is a moving story not only about murder and the death of a friend, but about friendship, truth and growing up. The Space Between Trees was fresh, real and beautifully written.

▪ ▪ ▪ Thank you so much to Sasha from Pansing for sending me a copy for review! ▪ ▪ 

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday – Week 125

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. It’s to spotlight upcoming books that I’m DYING to get my hands on!

This week’s WoW is:
The Perfectionists by Sara Shepard

In Beacon Heights, Washington, five girls—Ava, Caitlin, Mackenzie, Julie, and Parker—know that you don’t have to be good to be perfect. At first the girls think they have nothing in common, until they realize that they all hate Nolan Hotchkiss, who’s done terrible things to each of them. They come up with the perfect way to kill him—a hypothetical murder, of course. It’s just a joke...until Nolan turns up dead, in exactly the way they planned. Only, they didn’t do it. And unless they find the real killer, their perfect lives will come crashing down around them.

October 7, 2014 ● Goodreads

I’m a huge fan of the Pretty Little Liars series but I stopped reading at book 10 because it dragged on too long (stopping at book 8 would have been perfect!!). However, Sara Shepard truly is a master at deadly twists and suspense so I’m SO in for this book! Can’t wait :D

What are you waiting on?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Singapore (I’m leaving today!)

Hey guys,

This is so difficult to write. No, I’m not announcing the end of my blogging days (it hasn’t come to that thankfully). No, I’m writing this: I’m leaving Singapore.

Singapore’s been my home for four years now, but even before that it was considered our family’s home base. No matter where we lived in Asia (Indonesia, India, Japan, The Philippines... not Canada) we’d always come to Singapore multiple times per year. As a child I would always love going to the Zoo or the Science Center and it’s crazy to see how much it’s changed over the past (nearly) two decades. I mean, look at it now:

This is what I’d see everyday going to school. But now I’ll have to say goodbye because I’m heading to Boston.

Yes, I’ll be a lot closer to my blog readers and it’ll be an amazing opportunity not only to go to book/blogging-related events, but obviously for the main purpose WHY I’m going there: to study. I love the idea of a diverse curriculum which is why I only applied to the US. I’m glad I’m going to Boston because there’s such a good feel about it, you know?

For those who don’t know, I’ll be attending Boston University, and I’ll be majoring in Film & Television. Exciting! I know! I’m a little conflicted with moving though. I love being able to study what I’m passionate about and have a new experience, but I’ve loved growing up in this little safe bubble in Singapore... and plus having my own room is amazing.

I’m going to miss all family, my puppy Ruff (OF COURSE), friends (who I won’t be seeing until we all get back in December), and a ton of other people such as teachers, etc. Good news though: my blogging buddy Richa (City of Books) is also going to be studying in Boston at another university. Nothing can separate us :D

Well... this is it. While most of the posts will be scheduled from now until like mid-September (so I can like settle in and stuff), but I’ll constantly be on twitter :) You can’t get rid of me that easily!


Friday, August 22, 2014

Pawn by Aimée Carter

Pawn by Aimée Carter

Release Date: November 26, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Series: The Blackcoat Rebellion, Book 1
Rated: YA 14+
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher
Buy: AmazonThe Book Depository
Goodreads Website


For Kitty Doe, it seems like an easy choice. She can either spend her life as a III in misery, looked down upon by the higher ranks and forced to leave the people she loves, or she can become a VII and join the most powerful family in the country.

If she says yes, Kitty will be Masked - surgically transformed into Lila Hart, the Prime Minister's niece, who died under mysterious circumstances. As a member of the Hart family, she will be famous. She will be adored. And for the first time, she will matter.

There's only one catch. She must also stop the rebellion that Lila secretly fostered, the same one that got her killed, and one Kitty believes in. Faced with threats, conspiracies and a life that's not her own, she must decide which path to choose and learn how to become more than a pawn in a twisted game she's only beginning to understand.

I was super lucky when I got my hands on an ARC of this one– it’s been on my TBR pile for a while and I jumped at the chance to review it. I started this one ages ago, but unfortunately something came up and I had to put it away. I totally regret waiting this long to read Pawn because it was AH. MAY. ZING. I mean seriously, I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a dystopian this much in ages. It was like a crossover between Meg Cabot’s Airhead and Kiera Cass’ The Selection– I loved it.

I seriously loved the Hart family. Doesn’t matter if they’re evil– I loved to HATE them. My eyes were glued to the pages as I wondered which family member would turn on which, and who would be the last to survive. Kitty’s character was (of course) amazing. I like how she still had her head on straight and would make the decisions a normal person would make. Carter has crafted such a real character, and that’s a relief considering how so many main characters immediately act first and think later. There is also a bit of a love triangle but it’s more one-sided towards Benjy. Unfortunately, I was more team Knox on this one! It’s just that Benjy doesn’t make much of an appearance throughout the book and Knox is constantly there. Hopefully things change a little bit more in the next book, Captive!

The world building is truly impressive. I thought it was a lot like the world of The Selection with “royalty” ruling the country and a system that defines the population, as well as job allocations depending on your number. What was interesting though was that the I’s get placed in Elsewhere, which apparently makes more of an appearance in the sequel. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding that so I’m glad as readers we get to explore it further.

I couldn’t put this one down, and now I’m left wanting MORE. Non-stop action and thrills, cute boys and a deadly plot, Pawn is a win. Aimée Carter has caught my attention and now I’m super excited to read the rest of the series!

▪ ▪ ▪ Thank you so much to Lisa Wray from Harlequin for sending a copy for review! ▪ ▪ 

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Feral Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway

Feral by Holly Schindler

Release Date: August 26, 2014
Publisher: HarperTeen
Rated: YA 14+
Format: eGalley
Source: Edelweiss
Buy: AmazonThe Book Depository B&N iTunes Kobo
Goodreads Website

The Lovely Bones meets Black Swan in this haunting psychological thriller with twists and turns that will make you question everything you think you know.

It’s too late for you. You’re dead. Those words continue to haunt Claire Cain months after she barely survived a brutal beating in Chicago. So when her father is offered a job in another state, Claire is hopeful that getting out will offer her a way to start anew.

But when she arrives in Peculiar, Missouri, Claire feels an overwhelming sense of danger, and her fears are confirmed when she discovers the body of a popular high school student in the icy woods behind the school, surrounded by the town’s feral cats. While everyone is quick to say it was an accident, Claire knows there’s more to it, and vows to learn the truth about what happened. 

But the closer she gets to uncovering the mystery, the closer she also gets to realizing a frightening reality about herself and the damage she truly sustained in that Chicago alley….

Holly Schindler’s gripping story is filled with heart-stopping twists and turns that will keep readers guessing until the very last page.

When I first started Feral, I was so taken with the writing. Schindler’s descriptions, though horrifying, were absolutely beautiful. I was completely enraptured by the book from start to finish. I enjoyed how dark and twisted it was, and the end completely caught me by surprise. I really enjoy books that catch you in the moments right before the person responsible is revealed, so this book had the right amount of shock and suspense, as well as great execution and delivery of story and motive.

I liked Claire’s character– I found it interesting how amidst this larger event (Serena’s death) she has her own personal struggle which definitely plays into the climax of the story. I liked how the two events intertwine and there’s a constant creepy atmosphere whenever it does. Claire is definitely a lot braver than I am or will ever be, and I totally respect that bravado in a character. Her determination to get to the bottom of what actually happened is what really kept me going through the book! Plus, it’s a bonus that a very cute guy called Rich appears throughout the novel.

Like I mentioned before, everything falls into place moments before Claire figures out the whole mystery. Seriously, I think my heart stopped beating for a while. I love shocks and twists, and holy hells, this is a good one. While some reviews complain that everything falls too easily into place, um, NO. I totally did not see this coming and I think the reasons behind certain things are absolutely justifiable and make sense. Very Slaughterhouse-Five, I must say.

Feral was flawless, intriguing and deliciously deadly– I’m completely head over heels in love with this book. Schindler truly is a master of her craft and the sheer power her words carry have left a lasting impression on me. More please!

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▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ 


Scrambling to free herself, Claire turned to see exactly how badly her feet were tangled in the fallen limb.  But the shattered branch that had just tripped her was a strange shade of blue—purple—gray.  

She was staring at a human hand.

“No—no,” Claire screamed as she attempted to get away from the limb and the dead body, tripping on the hem of her coat in the process.  She stumbled back to the earth, falling on her backpack.

An angry hiss pried Claire’s eyes upward, away from the waxy, blue fingers.

A cat edged forward from its perch on top of the limb that pinned the body; a pair of yellow eyes with black stripes narrowed at Claire; pink fangs flashed.  Nearby, another yellow set of eyes popped from the shadows as a tail curled up onto a black curved back.  More fangs.  More eyes.  More angry, fat tails.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ 


Holly Schindler is the author of the critically acclaimed A BLUE SO DARK (Booklist starred review, ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year silver medal recipient, IPPY Awards gold medal recipient) as well as PLAYING HURT (both YAs). 

Her debut MG, THE JUNCTION OF SUNSHINE AND LUCKY also released in ’14, and became a favorite of teachers and librarians, who used the book as a read-aloud. Kirkus Reviews called THE JUNCTION “...a heartwarming and uplifting story...[that] shines...with vibrant themes of community, self-empowerment and artistic vision delivered with a satisfying verve.” Bloggers also quickly fell for the book; Susan at Bloggin’ ‘bout Books said of THE JUNCTION, “Triumphant and compelling, this is one of those books that will make you cheer. And look a little bit closer for the unique beauty in all of us.” 

FERAL is Schindler’s third YA and first mystery / thriller. She encourages readers to get in touch, and can be found at,, @holly_schindler,, and


▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ 

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Thank you so much to FFBC Blog Tours for having me along!

Waiting on Wednesday – Week 124

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. It’s to spotlight upcoming books that I’m DYING to get my hands on!

This week’s WoW is:
A Cold Legacy by Megan Shepherd

**WARNING: may contain spoilers from The Madman’s Daughter and Her Dark Curiosity**
After killing the men who tried to steal her father’s research, Juliet—along with Montgomery, Lucy, Balthazar, and a deathly ill Edward—has escaped to a remote estate on the Scottish moors. Owned by the enigmatic Elizabeth von Stein, the mansion is full of mysteries and unexplained oddities: dead bodies in the basement, secret passages, and fortune-tellers who seem to know Juliet’s secrets. Though it appears to be a safe haven, Juliet fears new dangers may be present within the manor’s own walls.

Then Juliet uncovers the truth about the manor’s long history of scientific experimentation—and her own intended role in it—forcing her to determine where the line falls between right and wrong, life and death, magic and science, and promises and secrets. And she must decide if she’ll follow her father’s dark footsteps or her mother’s tragic ones, or whether she’ll make her own.

With inspiration from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, this breathless conclusion to the Madman’s Daughter trilogy is about the things we’ll sacrifice to save those we love—even our own humanity.

January 27, 2015 ● Goodreads

First off, the covers in this series are absolutely GORGEOUS. I’m a huge fan of Shepherd’s The Madman’s Daughter trilogy (read my review for The Madman’s Daughter here and Her Dark Curiosity here) and can’t WAIT to get my hands on this one! Hopefully review copies will be available soon, whether it’s a physical ARC or on Edelweiss :D

What are you waiting on?

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Summer Invitation by Charlotte Silver

The Summer Invitation by Charlotte Silver

Release Date: May 20, 2014
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Rated: YA 14+
Format: eGalley
Source: NetGalley
Buy: AmazonThe Book Depository

Two sisters are summoned to their aunt's Greenwich Village flat, where they must start dressing like young ladies, cultivate their artistic sensibilities, and open themselves up to Life with a capital L.

When Franny and her older sister Valentine are summoned by their Aunt Theodora from foggy San Francisco to sunny New York City for one summer, they are taken to old-world locales like Bemelmans Bar, the Plaza, and the Sherry Netherland by their chaperone, Clover, Aunt Theodora’s protégé. As they discover New York City going lingerie shopping and learning about the simple elegance of a cucumber sandwich, they also begin to unearth secrets and answers about Aunt Theo's glamorous and romantic past, and they have a few romantic adventures of their own.

While I did enjoy some parts of The Summer Invitation, it felt like more of a guide book rather than a novel with an actual plot line. Most of the story consists of Franny and Valentine going shopping, eating or walking around New York with their chaperone Clover. Loads of places mentioned here – some which I’d love to visit next time I go to New York – and it felt like we as readers are just witnessing two girls as they “tour” around the city.

Franny was sweet and innocent, and I liked how we got to see the world through her point of view. However, there was an awful lot of “telling” and not “showing”. The writing was really on-the-surface, and you can’t really much past that. Valentine annoyed me till the end: she got bored of everything too fast, was too melodramatic and was pretty superficial. Also I hated how everything became about romance and sex when it concerned her character. I mean, really? and Clover was no better– she encouraged young girls to buy lingerie and have lovers and all that stuff. While it does seem to have the elements of an old film that I’d love to watch, it was sometimes too shallow for me to get in to.

The Summer Invitation, while having an interesting look at New York City and some of the classy places located within the city that I’m now DYING to go to, fell flat for me. I’m unsure whether or not this is aimed at younger readers or slightly older ones, due to the topics discussed in the book, but nonetheless, it felt childish and plain for a young adult novel.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Boyfriend App by Katie Sise

The Boyfriend App by Katie Sise

Release Date: April 30, 2013
Publisher: Balzer & Bray
Rated: YA 14+
Format: ARC
Source: Borrowed – Thanks Richa (City of Books)!
Buy: AmazonThe Book Depository

In The Boyfriend App by Katie Sise, super-smart, somewhat geeky Audrey McCarthy can’t wait to get out of high school. Her father’s death and the transformation of her one-time BFF, Blake Dawkins, into her worst nightmare have her longing for the new start college will bring.

But college takes money. So Audrey decides she has to win the competition for the best app designed by a high schooler—and the $200,000 that comes with it. She develops something she calls the Boyfriend App, and suddenly she’s the talk of the school and getting kissed by the hottest boys around. But can the Boyfriend App bring Audrey true love?

I did get a few stares from my friends when I walked hand-in-hand with this book. The Boyfriend App– who wouldn't want that? Get the perfect guy for you and live happily ever after. Unfortunately things don’t always go as planned, but sometimes things find a way of working out. While I did love some of the plot and characters, I found myself thinking how ridiculous the story sounded at times. I thought it was going to a contemporary novel, sticking to a more realistic story, but there was some slightly paranormal (maybe?) bits to the story which made it really weird.

I liked Audrey’s character. She was really interesting! She reminded me of Wick from Find Me (minus the whole hacker trying to find a dead girl thing) and I really enjoyed her snark and sarcasm. Her narrative was great to relate to. I also liked Lindsay’s character. I love how different she was from Audrey and how girly she could be in contrast. Of course, Aiden was also a favourite of mine. Such a cute, sweet guy! Xander wasn’t bad, and the scene with him in the cafeteria was hilarious, but I mean Aiden? Wowie. LOVED HIM.

There was one little part of the book though that got on my nerves. It wasn’t the whole paranormal thing, and it was just a little bit of the book, but it really stuck with me the whole time, because I HOPE it got corrected in the final version, but I seriously doubt it. The author should have really checked because WOW was she wrong. At one point of the story, when Lindsay meets Nigit, she actually utters this line: “The worship of Ganesh isn’t restricted to India and Hindis, Nigit.” (p. 73, ARC). Um, what? HINDIS? I may not be one, but I’m pretty damn well sure, being from India and having actually lived there for a part of my life, that it’s HINDU not HINDI. HINDI is a language. Problem number two followed up on the next page. Nigit’s character says this: “It was a gift from my mom for Ramadan. I keep it on my puja table when I’m not here.” (p. 74, ARC). WHATTTT. Ramadan? REALLY? I’m Muslim, and unless Nigit is half-Muslim (which he is NOT), why on earth would he celebrate Ramadan? Seriously, the inaccuracy kills me, and I can’t stop thinking about it.

Then, of course, there’s the paranormal parts of the story. I mean, couldn’t it just have been based on the matches that the app gives? Not turn it into a device that makes people fall in love with the person who points it at you? That would have seriously been a better story. I’m now afraid of reading Katie Sise’s next book, The Pretty App, because even though it would be cool to see events play out from Blake's, aka Queen Bee, point of view, I’m afraid it’s going to be a repeat of events.

Meh. I don’t know what to say. The Boyfriend App really didn’t live up to my expectations and I’m sad to admit that while I probably will be reading The Pretty App, I’ll be bracing myself to expect version 2.0 of The Boyfriend App. While some bits were fun, this novel fell flat for me. Katie Sise’s concept was a great one, but what it lacked was execution and believability.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

More Than This by Patrick Ness

More Than This by Patrick Ness

Release Date: September 1, 2013
Publisher: Walker Books
Rated: YA 14+
Format: Paperback
Source: Pansing
Buy: AmazonThe Book Depository
Goodreads Website

A boy drowns, desperate and alone in his final moments. He dies.

Then he wakes, naked and bruised and thirsty, but alive.

How can this be? And what is this strange deserted place?

As he struggles to understand what is happening, the boy dares to hope. Might this not be the end? Might there be more to this life, or perhaps this afterlife?

From multi-award-winning Patrick Ness comes one of the most provocative and moving novels of our time.

I seriously don’t know how I’m going to go about writing this review without giving something away. I’ll try my very best to keep it spoiler-free, but trust me, it will be difficult.

I’ve always heard of Patrick Ness’ books but I’d never gotten the chance to read one until now. Thanks to Pansing, I got my hands on a copy of More Than This because once I saw John Green’s blurb on the front cover, I was immediately intrigued. The book summary doesn’t give much away and I knew from the start that this novel was going to be different. I really loved this one. Not only does it have HOLY-BLEEPING-S***-twists, but the story was very well developed that I couldn’t put it down.


This isn’t too big a spoiler since you learn about it within the first 30 pages, but our main character’s name is Seth. The narrative is really interesting as it alternates between his present actions as well as his memories. We as readers are able to catch glimpses of his life leading up to the moment he drowns. Secrets are uncovered throughout the story and the motive for why he drowned is revealed slowly, and it’s truly mind-numbing to see how much his character has been through. I thought it would have been really cool if the book only had him as a character in it (during present action), but things definitely got interesting with the addition of two certain characters.

I mentioned previously that there are HUGE twists. And I mean HUGE. Seriously– I did not see half the things that happen in this book coming. There’s definitely a lot more to the afterlife that our main character finds himself in. At first, I was a little mad about the twist. I thought that it threw away the whole believability of the book out the window. But as the story went on, I came to understand what the book truly is and grasp (somewhat) what its underlying message is.

What I am most taken with though is Ness’ writing. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. Seriously, he could have written a book about cats sitting still for hours and I would still be in love with the prose. I can see now why he’s such a talented writer and why his books get so much praise. More Than This was enthralling, as horrifying revelations and gut-wrenching truths shed some light onto this new world that our protagonist finds himself in. This is a a book that will have you on the edge of your seat, desperate to find out what happens next. Beautiful and life-changing, without a doubt, there is no book like this one. 

▪ ▪ ▪ Thank you so much to Sasha at Pansing for sending me a copy for review! ▪ ▪ 

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  • The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold Goodreads
  • Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver Goodreads

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday – Week 123

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. It’s to spotlight upcoming books that I’m DYING to get my hands on!

This week’s WoW is:
Captive by Aimée Carter

**may contain spoilers from book 1, Pawn**
For the past two months, Kitty Doe's life has been a lie. Forced to impersonate the Prime Minister's niece, her frustration grows as her trust in her fake fiancé cracks, her real boyfriend is forbidden and the Blackcoats keep her in the dark more than ever. 

But in the midst of discovering that her role in the Hart family may not be as coincidental as she thought, she's accused of treason and is forced to face her greatest fear: Elsewhere. A prison where no one can escape. 

As one shocking revelation leads to the next, Kitty learns the hard way that she can trust no one, not even the people she thought were on her side. With her back against the wall, Kitty wants to believe she'll do whatever it takes to support the rebellion she believes in—but is she prepared to pay the ultimate price?

November 25, 2014 ● Goodreads

Pawn was the first book I read by Aimée Carter, and while I still haven’t been able to get my hands on The Goddess Test series, I can’t WAIT to read this one. The blurb promises shocks and twists, and I’m hoping for more Knox, so yay! Can’t wait :D

What are you waiting on?