Dream Cast: Something, Maybe

Since I love both books and movies, I thought "wouldn't be it cool to have a crossover?" and BOOM! Dream Casting began. It's a ton of fun, I must say, matching up book characters to their potential actors and actresses.

Today's movie dream cast is for:

Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott


AnnaSophia Robb
(Because of Winn-Dixie, Bridge to Terabithia, Race to Witch Mountain, Soul Surfer)

Wow...she's definitely changed! I haven't seen her in anything since Race to Witch Mountain, but she really has grown. None the less, I think she'd be an amazing Hannah, got that down-to-earth look, not exactly like popular-girl pretty but still stunning in the most friendly and normal way, if you know what I mean.


Meaghan Jette
(10 Things I Hate About You [TV], Camp Rock 1 & 2)

She kinda looks like the girl hiding her face in the cover! Or at least... I can imagine her doing so. Same with Robb, she looks stunning but in a normal way, and out of the two, I would say that Jette fits the part better than her. She can totally play a loner! Even though, she was a meanie in Camp Rock and trying to be popular in the TV show, I think she can achieve that.


Asher Book
(Fame, Zoey 101 [TV])

I know Finn in the book has blonde hair, but com'mon! The shade of Book's hair isn't too off. And he totally looks like the jock who is really friendly. He might be a bit too old. Meh, he's still a pretty good fit :)


Chord Overstreet
(Glee [TV])

I personally LOVE his character on Glee. Best character EVER. And I think he'd totally be a great Finn 'cause a) he's got the look, b) he's cute and funny and c) he can totally "accidently" injure someone when they mess with Hannah, after all he plays a jock (somewhat) on Glee. Out of the two, Overstreet would be my top choice.


Logan Lerman
(Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, My One and Only, Hoot)

This guy totally makes me feel all gushy inside. Which is why he is PERFECT for Josh. Even though Josh *SPOILER ALERT* isnt' a really good character in the book, I think he'd be a great, and of course, needs to be attractive, cute and artsy looking. Otherwise, why else does Hannah keep staring at him?


Emma Roberts
(Nancy Drew, Wild Child, Unfabulous [TV], Valentine's Day, Hotel for Dogs)

Taegan is a dark haired pretty girl who is sorta friends with Hannah. She's said to have brown locks, and when I thought of that, the first person to jump into my head was Emma Roberts. She played a brat in Wild Child, but she can be a sweet-natured character as well

Jackson James (Hannah's Dad)

George Clooney
(Up in the Air, The Descendants, Ocean's Eleven, The Men Who Stare at Goats)

I saw his picture up somewhere and it clicked. He looks kinda old (in a good way) because of the hair and "smile wrinkles" apparent in the 2nd photo, but he's got that charm that Hannah's dad is supposed to have, and attractiveness. You know, to attract all those women on his TV show :P

Candy Madison (Hannah's Mom)

Bianca Kajlich
(Rules of Engagement [TV])

I have never seen or heard of this actress before, but when I saw her picture it just FIT. Hannah's mom was the hardest to cast and took a lot of picture surfing. Gladly, I found this gorgeous actress who fits the bill: of being both mom and not-mom like (as Candy Madison has a pretty explicit job). I think she'd be perfect for the part :)

SO there you have it, my dream cast for Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott which I just recently read. Review coming soon! I don't think that this would become a movie (being not one of the most popular E. Scott books :P) but still, maybe in the future...who knows?

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  1. This is such a fun idea. I rarely try to place movies stars to book characters but you make it look fun. I also want to read this book now. ; )

  2. Great choices! All really great actors! I lovee dream casts <3


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