Hola Fellow Readaholics!

Hey Guys!

Sorry it's been a while. I wasn't here...even though I was. The past couple of posts have all been scheduled, so I really wasn't "here". I was in Northern India, and because of the lack of internet, it's been hard catching up on emails and checking out everything going on in the blogosphere. But now that I'm back to my summer home in (south) India, internet is available and I'll be able to blog. Sorry for the current lack of posts though, I'm still getting over some sickness that I got from my trip. So now you know, that if I'm posting, it's because of that (and also maybe that fact that I'm addicted to Revenge and may or may not be dedicating my time to watching it :P)

Thank you though, for checking out the posts that were posted when I was gone, for commenting and the support you guys have given me, especially this year :) Every year just keeps getting better! Hope you all are having a fabulous summer, filled with reading and relaxing...and of course TV. Cause every summer needs some TV, right? :P I'm going to be chilling out for the next month, and then school starts (Grade 11! Scary :S) again in August, so yay. Great.

ANYWAY, won't focus on the future right now, just living it in the now. Wow, yes, that sounded cheesy to me too.

Love y'all and exiting Gossip Girl style with xoxo,



  1. Hope you're having a lovely summer and that you're lucky with beautiful weather (unlike me)! Oh, and I LOVE watching Revenge too - hope we're talking about the same one :) I'm starting a scary year after summer too, hopefully we'll both cope and thanks for following my blog!

  2. I am obsessed with Revenge, too! I really hope that (I'll try not to spoil it for people who haven't seen it...) Charlotte turns out okay. It would be cool also to see the aftermath if Emily ever decides to tell her real identity to anyone.

    And congrats on your newly acquired upperclassman status!


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