What am I Reading? ◆ September 29, 2012

The Waiting Sky by Lara Zielin

ARC for review
Currently on page 172 out of 224

My thoughts so far: I'm totally loving this contemporary! It's totally original, I'm loving Jane's struggles (she's seriously easy to relate to) and of course, Max is making me swoon to the nth degree. Loving the idea– it's totally original :)

The Opposite of Hallelujah by Anna Jarzab

eGalley for review
Currently on page 56 out of 458

My thoughts so far: I haven't been reading this book so much (lately), and should pick it back up again. It's a little slow, and yes, I'm kind of intimidated by the number of pages, but should hopefully be finished by the end of this week! I'm kind of teetering with my thoughts on the main character– I'm sympathizing slightly with her, but she also annoys me... so this should be an interesting ride!

What I'm going to read next...

Smart Girls Get What They Want by Sarah Strohmeyer
The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa

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What are you currently reading?


    lwjsedjfg -> I'm so frustrated. Every blog I've visited either has it or will have it. Can I just say that I hate my to-read list, right now?

    ~Annie & Demi
    New follower (:

  2. All the books sound great!I'm looking forward to reading your review :) Thanks for stopping by our blog!following you back:)

    Janhvi @ The Readdicts

  3. Smart Girls Get What They Want, The Lost Prince and The Waiting Sky are all on my list of reads. Enjoy! :)

  4. I've heard fabulous, FABULOUS things about THE WAITING SKY, so I'm super excited to read it soon. I LOVED SMART GIRLS <33 So good and light :) I hope you enjoy it! I'm currently listening to I Hunt Killers, and it's awesome. Thanks for sharing your current reads--happy reading!

  5. OOOO! The Waiting Sky! I'm really intrigued by the story so I can't wait to hear your thoughts ;) I enjoyed The Lost Prince too although not as much as The Iron Fey series :P I'm currently reading Inescapable by Amy A. Bartol and it's really interesting :)

    Hope you enjoy all the books above, Rabiah ♥


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