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Memes. Tom Hiddleston. GIFs. Benedict Cumberbatch.
These are a few of my favourite things (on tumblr).

I'm absolutely obsessed with this. I probably started having a tumblr a couple of years ago, probably just a few months after I created this blog, but never really used it until last year. I'm addicted now and it's extremely frustrating. Originally, I created a tumblr so that I could post my reviews on it. Turns out, now my Confessions of a Readaholic tumblr is for book related posts, particularly with movie adaptions and author tumblr posts.


Yeah, thank goodness for easy re-blogging, because otherwise I would be exhausted, frustrated, crying on the floor or staring wildly into space. Or all of the above. Who knows.

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce the tumblr-side to my life, because it's completely different to what I am on this blog.

Rabiah Sees the World –

**Yes, that is a Benedict Cumberbatch GIF while I screenshot the page.**

This is my personal tumblr. I use this for anything that's hilarious, anything delicious, any movie or tv show that I love, and so on. This is the NON-bookish side of me. The bookish side is at...

Confessions of a Readaholic –

On this one, while I originally wanted to post up my reviews and link it back to this blog, I went against that. Instead, now I reblog book-related posts, author's thoughts, memes of books, GIFs of movies that are based on books, funny book related thoughts and so on.

My Wishlist –

**Picture is misleading. There's a bottle of lotion or soap or something just a small scroll down...**

This is the final blog I own, where I can be that materialistic hoarder that I secretly am (well, in my imagination). Jewellery  Makeup, Soaps and Lotions, Books, etc. anything I want to own, goes down here.

And there you have it ladies and gents, the Tumblr world that I live in for some of the time during the day. I must say though, it's very addicting. Sad to say, it's sometimes the reason I don't get too many posts up on here. *hehe*

Anyway, do you have a tumblr? Let me know in the comments– I'll follow you!


    Honestly though lol you really are obsessed, which is one reason I'm so happy I don't have tumblr, I'd get no work done at all :P

  2. Yay Tumblr! We just followed you. We are "weheartya" (of course) there.

  3. I have only one Tumblr and I mostly just repost stuff, but I really love it too. My favorite things are: GIFS, quotes, foodporn and book art (sculptures, etc.)
    And I also <3 Benedict Cumberbatch! :)


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