It’s that time of year again: Exams!


This is probably the billionth time I’ve posted an exams hiatus post on my blog. But that just means y’all are seeing me grow up :) These are actually my final exams for high school. EVER. Yay! Bad news is though, now there’s university exams to look forward to... oh joy.

By the way, ANNOUNCEMENT: 

I have officially decided to attend Boston University, for a major in Film and TV! 

I’m super excited, and to be honest still a little freaked out to be moving halfway around the world, but it also does mean I get to be closer to many of y’all :)

Anyway, exams actually started a week ago, I’m only posting this now, because after this, there will officially be no more posts until I return... which will be the 21st of May, after the French (and my final!) exam.

So to my fellow-IB-exam-takers: Good Luck! We can do this!!

And to the rest of you, I’ll see you in less than two weeks :)


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