The Fault in Our Stars Movie Review

I read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (review here) on September 2nd, 2012.
I watched the movie yesterday on June 8th, 2014.

My heart has been broken twice. First time by the book, and now the movie.



And the most awful thing is: I didn’t cry during the movie.

Your reaction:

Trust me, I’m just as surprised and mad about it as you are. 

You see, I wanted to cry. Oh the gods, the movie literally tore my heart into pieces. A million an infinite amount of pieces. Little shreds of heart bits (ew, that sounded very Hannibal-like) but that is actually how I felt during the movie. When Hazel cries during THAT scene, oh gods, I think I died four or five times just sitting there, watching her cry, frickin wanting to cry along with her as well. Everyone else in the movie theatre cried! I could constantly hear sniffs and sobs from all over the place, and it made me feel like “what the hell is wrong with me? WHY CAN’T I CRY FOR THIS AMAZING MOVIE?!?!” I still have yet to find a movie that makes me cry, so yeah, I guess this makes me an emotionless monster. I’d even shed a tear or two during the book, but I felt that I was definitely more impacted by the movie, because HELLO, it’s right there, visually presented right in front of me. GAH. Anyway, onto other things...

I didn’t like Shailene Woodley in The Descendants and her performance in Divergent was a remarkable improvement in my eyes, but she absolutely KILLED this role. I totally and whole-heartedly believe that she is Hazel. Her emotional scenes were brilliant and oh gods, when she cries, no wonder the rest of the world cried. Amazing performance, absolutely top-notch. Even though there was that whole thing with her view on feminism in some interview or the other, which kind of made me do a whole face-palm-thing, I loved her.

Now: Augustus.


I mean just look at this cutie–

I don’t think I can function properly after Ansel’s performance as Augustus.
His character brought a lot of the humour to the story, and damn, you can’t help but fall in love with this smirking one-legged real-life prince charming. WHY JOHN GREEN WHYYYYYYY.


The romance– oh the romance. I loved the scenes in Amsterdam (obviously because of all the amazing romance development) and seeing how much closer they get. I mean seriously when this line came up, I think I melted into a puddle of goo and mush:

The other characters were great as well! I mean, Isaac? LOVE LOVE LOVE. I wish there were more scenes with Isaac, as there were in the book, but I mean, for a small role, his was pretty amazing. And plus, that just meant more romance. BUT STILL. If they had to increase screen time for one more character, it would have definitely been him.

Speaking of screen time... I totally didn’t see John Green’s cameo! A bit disappointed that it had been cut out :( I did on the other hand find it on tumblr... it would have been awesome to see him in the movie.

Check out the rest of the GIF set here

I think I’ve rambled on a bit too much and chucked a whole load of GIFs at you all, but seriously GO SEE THIS MOVIE. Unless you haven’t read the book. Then in that case, read the book first and THEN go see the movie. Trust me, it’s heartbreaking and probably going to make you cry and shake your fist at John Green, but totally worth it.

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  1. Aaahhh now you've got us really excited to see it! And thanks for letting us know when/where to look for JG, haha. So glad it lived up. :D

  2. Argh!!!! All these amazing reviews for the movie are killing me.
    Why? Why would fox studio do something so cruel? No release date for India yet... I was so ready to watch it on 6th :(

    I absolutely adored the book thought I didn't cried a lot but I really felt my heart break after reading the book. I WANT TO WATCH THIS MOVIE NOW. I hope atleast they soon announce a release date.
    *fingers crossed*
    So glad everyone is loving the movie no complains till now. :)

  3. Awww. I was going to wait to read your review until after I'd seen the movie, but I went ahead and read it and I'm glad I did. Great job! Love the gifs. You obviously felt deeply about this movie. I can't wait to fall in love with movie Augustus like I did with book Augustus. What did you dislike about Shailene's performance in The Descendents? I happened to enjoy her snark.

  4. The book is a good read, but not extremely good. It's a teeny love story with teeny humour with harshness of reality sprinkled all over. It is good a travel book, but not a coffee-shop book, at least not for me. Go ahead, read it.


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