Wicked Games by Sean Olin

Wicked Games by Sean Olin

Release Date: June 10, 2014
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Series: Wicked Games, Book 1
Rated: YA 15+
Format: eGalley
Source: Edelweiss
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Wicked Games is the first book in a sexy thriller series where passion, lies, and revenge collide-perfect for fans of Simone Elkeles and Sara Shepard.

To all the locals in the small beach town of Dream Point, Carter and Lilah seem like the perfect It Couple-but their relationship is about to brutally unravel before everyone's eyes.

Carter has always been a good guy, and while Lilah has a troubled past, she's been a loyal girlfriend for the last four years. When smart, sexy Jules enters the picture at a senior-year bash, Carter succumbs to temptation. And when Lilah catches wind of his betrayal, she decides that Jules needs to pay.

By the end of the summer, the line between right and wrong will be blurred beyond recognition. Blood will be shed. Nothing in Dream Point will ever be the same.

This juicy summer read will keep readers turning pages until the shocking, nail-biting finale.

I was a little worried about getting into Wicked Games because so many people didn’t enjoy it. I don’t know whether it’s my love for all things dramatic and thrilling, or the fact that a lot worse happens in Pretty Little Liars (this was blurbed really well), but I actually found myself flipping pages, anxious to know what happens. I honestly think this would actually make a really good TV series with all the crazy shit that happens throughout the novel, and that along with sex, betrayal and a psycho on the loose, it’s all the makings of an addictive series.

Okay, I’ll at least admit this – I’m not a big fan of the characters. Lilah is completely INSANE. Like, I wouldn’t go near her with a 1000-meter pole. That’s how bad she is. Sure, she’s got some actual problems, such as depression and self-harm, but does that mean that she has to go completely crazy? Her parents are probably the worst because no, they don’t try to make her better, they just kind of avoid the whole problem all together. And Carter! While I definitely liked Carter’s character much better than Lilah’s, he’s no better. He knows she has a problem, and instead of actually helping her, he avoids breaking off their relationship to protect her feelings. GAH. Frustration to the max people. Jules was okay. I mean, compared to the other two, she certainly has more redeeming qualities. However, that totally does not justify going for another girl’s boyfriend. Obviously, she can like him, but actually act on that? Yeesh. Morals have no place in this novel for sure. So therefore, in the end, my favourite character is Jeff, Carter’s best friend, who basically has the tiniest role in this novel.

Speaking of the end, totally did not see that coming. And I’m not just talking about the epilogue either. All the action that happens totally reminds me of something that happens on the TV show Revenge (which is why this book would be a good TV show...) and it’s seriously thrilling. And the epilogue! Holy crap the author knows how to set up what’s hopefully in the next book. I mean, the last few lines sent a figurative chill down my spine and it’s really haunting. I love books that leave you with a shocking and suspenseful end, don’t you?

While I didn’t like the characters, Wicked Games still had an engaging plot that comes to a horrifying end. Jaws will drop, eyes will pop, hearts will thud. There are no happy endings in Sean Olin’s latest novel, and I’ll definitely be on the lookout for the next book in this series.

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