Saying Goodbye to Singapore (I’m leaving today!)

Hey guys,

This is so difficult to write. No, I’m not announcing the end of my blogging days (it hasn’t come to that thankfully). No, I’m writing this: I’m leaving Singapore.

Singapore’s been my home for four years now, but even before that it was considered our family’s home base. No matter where we lived in Asia (Indonesia, India, Japan, The Philippines... not Canada) we’d always come to Singapore multiple times per year. As a child I would always love going to the Zoo or the Science Center and it’s crazy to see how much it’s changed over the past (nearly) two decades. I mean, look at it now:

This is what I’d see everyday going to school. But now I’ll have to say goodbye because I’m heading to Boston.

Yes, I’ll be a lot closer to my blog readers and it’ll be an amazing opportunity not only to go to book/blogging-related events, but obviously for the main purpose WHY I’m going there: to study. I love the idea of a diverse curriculum which is why I only applied to the US. I’m glad I’m going to Boston because there’s such a good feel about it, you know?

For those who don’t know, I’ll be attending Boston University, and I’ll be majoring in Film & Television. Exciting! I know! I’m a little conflicted with moving though. I love being able to study what I’m passionate about and have a new experience, but I’ve loved growing up in this little safe bubble in Singapore... and plus having my own room is amazing.

I’m going to miss all family, my puppy Ruff (OF COURSE), friends (who I won’t be seeing until we all get back in December), and a ton of other people such as teachers, etc. Good news though: my blogging buddy Richa (City of Books) is also going to be studying in Boston at another university. Nothing can separate us :D

Well... this is it. While most of the posts will be scheduled from now until like mid-September (so I can like settle in and stuff), but I’ll constantly be on twitter :) You can’t get rid of me that easily!



  1. Congratulations and good luck! It's the beginning of a new and wonderful adventure. :)

  2. I can't believe I JUST saw this post omg. Duudee you're making me all nostalgic now :( Also that picture of sg is just.. whoaa.
    And YAY for Boston buddies!


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