Leigh Bardugo Signing!

I can’t believe it’s already been 2 and a half(ish) months since I came to the US to study at Boston University! Time really flies... it’s only 1 and a half months until I fly back to Singapore for December Break. That being said, it’s amazing how many bookish events go on in Boston! It’s only been a short while and I’ve already had the chance to attend THREE book events. THREE! That’s absolutely crazy. In Singapore, in the four years that I’d lived there, I only attended 2 book signings. It’s sad seeing how there aren’t too many signings/author talks, but nonetheless, I’m glad Boston is FULL of ‘em.

Well, anyway, so this past Monday (3rd November), there was an amazing event: a Leigh Bardugo book signing! EEEEEEEPPPPP!!! I mean, that’s HUGE. I’m so glad Richa @ City of Books saw the event on Facebook and told me about it. We both went together (being besties in real life and blogging-wise and all) and had a ton of fun seeing Leigh talk about her book.

This is the Cambridge Public Library (during the day, the signing was at night). Isn’t it pretty? :D

Leigh’s event poster

and without further ado...


I’m telling you guys– if you have the chance to hear Leigh speak, it’s absolutely amazing. Amazing and HILARIOUS that is. She’s so funny! She started off the signing with her reading from her journal written during her teen years. Leigh was seriously funny back then too. She then transitioned into talking about why she writes YA, because it was always something that she’d wanted to do growing up. Before she took questions, she read an extract from her upcoming novel Six of Crows, the first book in another series set in the Grisha world called The Dreg! I’m guilty though because I’ve only read Shadow and Bone (review here), absolutely loved it, but never got to the second or third book :/ I was so glad there were no real spoilers during the signing – partially because Leigh kept shushing people who were about to spoil the book – but now I have all three books and I can totally get to reading them :)

Leigh reading from her hilarious journal

Leigh’s audience

Luckily there wasn’t too many people– I’ve been to a Christopher Paolini signing in Toronto that made me wait 4 or 5 hours to get the book signed. Thank goodness it only took us 30 minutes tops to get our books signed.

Me (right) and Richa (left)!

There was a little bit of a funny accident at the start of the signing. So Richa and I headed over to the table where they were selling copies of Leigh’s books, and Leigh was hanging around there. Because I totally didn’t recognise her I thought she was waiting in line or waiting to go get a seat or something. So I totally gestured for her to go on ahead of me, and she was like “oh, nope! I’m just gonna hang around here for a while...” and Richa and I went ahead to the book table. I then had an awful thought and hoped that the person wasn’t Leigh, but with my luck of course it was! I felt really stupid, but to be fair, her author photo is really dark and doesn’t really look like her :P

Anyway, so Richa and I waited in line for around 30 minutes (or maybe less) to get books signed and we finally did! I managed to get a picture with the very lovely Leigh. She’s too adorable you guys. When I told her that I hadn’t read book 2 and 3 yet, she was like, “well, you’re actually really smart because now you don’t have to wait!” – she’s seriously too cool guys :D

Me and Leigh!

My copy of Ruin and Rising! 

Signed to me! 
It says on the left “There is no end to our story..." 

Awesome swag that was available at the signing

Well that’s all for now guys. That was a ton of fun to attend!! I still have to write recap posts for Boston Book Fest and the Boston Teen Author Fest, so look out for those :)

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  1. How great that you're getting to go to so many book events! And Leigh IS such a treat. Thanks for the recap.


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