Fleeced! by Julia Wills

Fleeced! by Julia Wills

Release Date: January 1, 2014
Publisher: Templar
Series: An Aries Adventure, Book 1
Rated: MG 10+
Format: ARC
Source: Pansing
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Meet Aries, the wise-cracking ghost-ram of the Golden Fleece!

Aries, the ram of Golden Fleece fame, remains furious at the loss of his beautiful coat - stolen by Jason and the Argonauts centuries ago. So he hatches a plan to return to earth, along with his friend Alex, zookeeper of the Underworld. But instead of arriving in ancient Greece, they teleport slap-bang into the British Museum in modern day London.

Aries and Alex soon discover that the Golden Fleece is in the clutches of evil immortal sorceress Medea - now a world-famous fashion designer. With the help of twelve-year-old human girl Rose, Aries and Alex must foil Medea's wicked plans and save Aries from an eternity of being bald!

A madcap, mythological adventure ewe don't want to miss!

I honestly don’t know why it took me so long to get to reading Fleeced!–it’s been on my shelf for AGES and I totally regret it. This book was so much fun to read! I’ve been longing for another series or book centered around Greek mythology after the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan. I mean, there have been books I’ve read which do focus on Greek mythology, but the problem with YA novels is that the story tends to be about romance, the tradition girl-meets-boy with a twist. I’ve missed books that features no romance at all, where the main focus is on the adventure or the quest these characters embark on. That’s exactly what Percy Jackson had, and, I’m glad to say, what Fleeced! had as well.

I was a bit afraid of going into this book because I thought, because it’s been absolutely FOREVER since I’ve read a middle grade novel, that I would be a bit more cynical of the characters and would think they would be too childish for my taste. I’m happy to say that the inner-child in me totally came through and there was no judgement on actions AT ALL. I totally went with the flow of the story, and I found that I really do love the idea that absolutely ANYTHING can happen in children’s books: the most unsuspecting people can become heroes, evil can become good, and all is done with a hilarious narrative. I loved Rose’s and Alex’s characters, and Aries was such a great character as well. I loved to hate Medea, and honestly the tone of the story was so action-packed but light-hearted at the same time, which made Fleeced! even more enjoyable to read.

You can really tell, when you’re reading the book, that the author has done some amazing research. Wills really incorporates different aspects of Greek mythology as well as what Greek life was like in the past into her story. I’ve read quite a bit of myths so I generally got most of the references, but sometimes there would be allusions or terms I didn’t understand. Never fear! There’s a super handy-dandy reference guide in the back of the book that explains everything that you need to know. However, what I didn’t enjoy too much were the footnotes that would pop up. Yes, they were pretty funny now and then, and seeing footnotes in a novel is a pretty rare occurrence, but the main problem that I had with these was that it normally broke the flow of the story for me. I’d constantly have to look down at the footnotes after seeing the notation in the text, and then I’d have return back to the flow. I know the author adds them to not break the flow, but I felt that it did the opposite and stopped me from time to time.

Fleeced! was a fun ride, twisting the Greek myths that we’ve all come to know and love into a fresh story. Julia Wills’s delightfully narrated debut novel is guaranteed to produce laughs from readers of all ages. I’m looking forward to reading the next Aries Adventure, with more ram-related humour and crazy spins on Greek myths!

▪ ▪ ▪ Thank you so much to Sasha at Pansing for sending me a copy for review! ▪ ▪ 

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  1. How fun! I love Percy Jackson and Greek mythology is one of the things that got me into reading. What a wonderful MG novel this is!

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