Rabiah’s Recommendations: Historical YA #3

As I’d mentioned in my first Recommendations post, I was inspired to do this series of posts by Epic Read’s The Age of YA: A Timeline of Historical Fiction. Last time I recommended books that were set in Ancient Greece and then books set in Ancient Egypt, so now it’s time for another time period/setting:

Historical Fiction #3:
The 1900s
(Part 1: 1900-1929)

Quite a huge jump, I know, but it’s frustrating for me, since I haven’t gotten to read about so many amazing time periods in history. I’ll be making jumps around the timeline from now on!

In the Shadow of Blackbirds
by Cat Winters
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I was super excited to receive a copy of this one, and it definitely did not disappoint. I’d never really heard about the Spanish Influenza, and this was a fantastic portrayal of the US at the time. I’ve heard a lot about Cat Winter’s other book The Uninvited which is also set during the same time period, so I’m super pumped to dive into it.

Blood Red, Snow White
by Marcus Sedgwick
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I read this one in grade 7 or 8, and I honestly don’t think I understood it too much. The writing in this one is absolutely gorgeous–I know I need to re-read it. I also got the chance to meet Marcus Sedgewick at ALA in 2013, and got him to sign the copy I had since middle school! It’s really a wonderful story that I’ll need to pick up once again.

Bright Young Things
by Anna Godbersen
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Oh, the Jazz Age! I’m a huge fan of The Great Gatsby and I believe I read this one around the same time I read Fitzgerald’s novel. I love Anna Godbersen’s portrayal of the time period in both this book and The Luxe series. I don’t know why I didn’t pick up the rest of the series, but I’m sure I’ll have to pick this one up soon to do so.

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There’s so many more books I need to read from these three decades: The Diviners, A Death-Struck Year, Vixen...just too many good reads to pass up! And not just set in the US as well–there’s Russian history involved as well! Next time, more WWII books will be featured, as that’s next on the timeline (or I might jump back again...who knows!).

Do you have any recommendations for books set during the beginning of the 20th century?

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  1. I would really like to read more Historical Fiction. It's definitely one of my reading goals. In the Shadow of Blackbirds is one I've been meaning to read since it came out. It sounds really good. I also read the Diviners and loved it. I'm going to read Lair of Dreams soon... I'm SO excited for it, but it's SOOOOO big!!


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