Waiting on Wednesday – Week 169

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. It's to spotlight upcoming books that I'm DYING to get my hands on!

This week's WoW is:
The Gilded Cage by Lucinda Gray

After growing up on a farm in Virginia, Walthingham Hall in England seems like another world to sixteen-year-old Katherine Randolph. Her new life, filled with the splendor of upper-class England in the 1820s, is shattered when her brother mysteriously drowns. Katherine is expected to observe the mourning customs and get on with her life, but she can't accept that her brother's death was an accident. 

A bitter poacher prowls the estate, and strange visitors threaten the occupants of the house. There's a rumor, too, that a wild animal stalks the woods of Walthingham. Can Katherine retain her sanity long enough to find out the truth? Or will her brother's killer claim her life, too?

August 2, 2016 ● Goodreads

The Gilded Cage's absolutely beautiful cover is, of course, what first caught my attention. Judging by the dress, I knew it was going to be a historical fiction, and if you know me you'll know that I LOVE historical fiction, especially within young adult fiction. This one sounds like a gothic thriller too, so that's an exciting bonus! I can't wait.

What are you waiting on?


  1. I just saw this earlier today! I'm a sucker for historical fiction, too. Hopefully we enjoy this!

  2. Pretty cover! Love historical fiction, too. I hope this will be good!

  3. I am so excited for this! And not just because I share a last name with the MC, haha!

  4. wow - never heard of this one but I have to agree, the cover is gorgeous! Will definitely add this one to the wishlist!

  5. Yes to the pretty cover! This sounds really good. I hope you enjoy reading it.
    My WoW

  6. I'm also a fan of historical fiction and this cover so I'm interested in this one as well :)

  7. As long as this isn't romance-centric, I'm all for it

  8. This does have a beautiful cover! I hope you love it!

  9. I've read this one! I love the cover but the story wasn't great. I didn't enjoy it, sadly!

    Have a fantastic week, Rabiah. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  10. I'm definitely waiting on this one too!! Doesn't it sound wonderful?!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books


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