Flawless by Sara Shepard

Hey! and here's another blog on "The Blog of a Readaholic"! and this one's about Pretty Little Liars book 2, Flawless by Sara Shepard! (But the bad thing is, is that like with the rest of the PLL books, I can remember faint outlines of what happens :P) but nevertheless, here's the review! WARNING: Spoilers Below!
This is the only PLL book I have (since I borrowed all the rest) so I do "treasure" it and consider it one of my faves...ish. I DO love Toby though, and it was a good improvement to Emily, cause I HATE Maya (no offense) cause...she's a hateable character...yeah. So anyway, I liked him cause I thought he was cute :P and was possibly a key to the mystery of Ali's death, AND it does prove something with what happens to him in the end (GRR! Y did they have to do that?).
This book, like the rest of the PLL books was fast paced, suspenseful and just a whole load of girl fun, romantic and awkward moments. It's very easy to understand this in their point of view, and yes I must admit, I was like, every time they got a text, I was like OMG what's gonna happen now?! yeah, it'll get your heart racing and you follow along this Intense book. This book does reveal a lot of things, like the thing with Aria's parents...A's at it again will sending that letter to Ella and stuff like that. 
Erm, I think this is all I have to say, cause seriously, if I just said it all here, there's really no point in reviewing the other PPL's is there? Look out for upcoming reviews (added to the list in the review below): Black Heart by Justin Somper, Airhead, Being Nikki and Missing You by Meg Cabot! OH and the Next upcoming review will be...I'm still kinda debating on whether it should be Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins or The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan...Oh well. You'll see later anyway!

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