Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Magic is dangerous--but love is more dangerous still. 

When sixteen-year-old Tessa Gray crosses the ocean to find her brother, her destination is England, the time is the reign of Queen Victoria, and something terrifying is waiting for her in London's Downworld, where vampires, warlocks and other supernatural folk stalk the gaslit streets. Only the Shadowhunters, warriors dedicated to ridding the world of demons, keep order amidst the chaos. 

Kidnapped by the mysterious Dark Sisters, members of a secret organization called The Pandemonium Club, Tessa soon learns that she herself is a Downworlder with a rare ability: the power to transform, at will, into another person. What's more, the Magister, the shadowy figure who runs the Club, will stop at nothing to claim Tessa's power for his own.

Friendless and hunted, Tessa takes refuge with the Shadowhunters of the London Institute, who swear to find her brother if she will use her power to help them. She soon finds herself fascinated by--and torn between--two best friends: James, whose fragile beauty hides a deadly secret, and blue-eyed Will, whose caustic wit and volatile moods keep everyone in his life at arm's length...everyone, that is, but Tessa. As their search draws them deep into the heart of an arcane plot that threatens to destroy the Shadowhunters, Tessa realizes that she may need to choose between saving her brother and helping her new friends save the world...and that love may be the most dangerous magic of all.

I wasn't sure how good this book was gonna be. After The Mortal Instruments, which was TOTALLY AWESOME, I didn't know how this book would compare to. And, I know I say this a lot but, Oh. My. GOD. This book I could say was as good as The Mortal Instruments, maybe even better! The plot, characters, setting, EVERYTHING was fantastic. Love, Love, Luvvvvved It!

Clockwork Angel takes part in the Victorian Era, which does bring change examples, to what would be appropriate or not to what men and women should say or dress in this century, but that didn't bother me as it normally would. I guess Cassandra Clare's writing is so smooth that time and setting doesn't take much consideration of how her characters should behave, yet readers can still see how the Victorian era was and how it's much different today. There's something about The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices though that make it seem timeless, that it doesn't seem to have a certain age to it, or time doesn't seem to matter in that world.

There are a lot of similarities that I found between City of Bones and Clockwork Angel. Both included an Institute, that much I can say. They had similar characters, such as Will is like Jace, Tessa is like Clary, Jem is (kinda) like Alec and so on and so forth. They even included Magnus Bane in this one! I was at first like, Umm...don't I know him from somewhere? and then, yeah you get the point. So anyway, let's take a look at the beginning, shall we? Tessa arrives in England and that essentially could be the "call to adventure" and how? Her brother "calls" her over. This would kinda be like City of Bones, cause when Clary's mom goes missing, Clary takes on the adventure. SIMILARITY! and then, Jem's character is kinda like Alec's in a way, as Alec has a secret, so does Jem (and no, it's not the same as Alec's) and it both kinda their weaknesses. Not many people know about it. Jace and Will have A LOT of similarities. They're both the teasing, "bad boy", making-fun-of kind of guys. They're both attractive to Tessa/Clary and so yeah, that's the similarity of that. Isabelle would kinda be like Jessamine in this book, as they both are supposed to be pretty and they both want attention by a certain guy. When they both get into action though, they are merciless. ***SPOILER*** Nathaniel and Hodge would be similar as well, as they both betray the Institute, even though Nathaniel is only mortal.

The Plot of this story has its many twists and turns, betrayals and secrets. Each time it's so unexpected that I didn't even see it coming! like the identity of the Magister...I had no idea. Or who was on the good and who's secretly opposing in this game? I had no idea. There are a lot of things which I don't know and won't see coming, but this certainly surprised me! Clockwork Angel is an amazing start to a prequel series to the Mortal Instrument. It almost makes me wish that I hadn't gotten it so early, now I'm going to have to wait longer for the next book! But City of Fallen Angels in next book of The Mortal Instruments is to be released on April 5, 2011, which gives me something to read while I'm waiting for Clockwork Angel, which comes out September 2011!


  1. I LOVE that you write the titles down in your calendar as you read them. Great list!

  2. I LOVED this book, because i like the Victorian Era and also Ms. Clare's books are awesome.
    At first i was a little doubtful if i should read it or not but when i finished CoG and i couldn't find another book i say 'well, let's give it a try'
    And after finished it i was like 'How could i dismissed this books?'

    The waiting for Clockwork Princess it's taking too long!
    Greetings from Peru! :D


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