Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson

Ashley Hannigan's plans for the future don't include the senior prom; they include things like squeaking through to graduate, moving out of her parents' crowded house and into a Philadelphia apartment with her high school dropout boyfriend. Those plans change when Miss Crane, the math teacher, embezzles all the prom money. Before she can say, "Too weird," Ashley finds herself choreographing a school gala that changes everything.

This book was intriguing. It was humorous actually and quite realistic for characters. It does talk about the problems with some public schools and how people with a not so rich background can piece together what they hope to be, an amazing prom.

So, when things go wrong (teacher steals the prom money), Ashley then steps in and helps with the prom. She actually completely hates it (something which I can kinda understand and relate with) and doesn't want her family to know and make them get excited, so she keeps it a secret. Well, that doesn't work out so well. It's funny how the mom and the aunts get involved and get over excited and do crazy things to help Ashley with the prom (LOL, luved the mom's "birth" scene). I loved the ending though, where she dumps TJ (YES!) and well, basically yeah, I guess that's the main story line.

I'm not saying that this book was bad, it was really good on standards, but it's not one so memorable, for a chick-lit book, like Sarah Dessen's or Meg Cabot's. Although, Laurie Halse Anderson does seem to enlight a spark in me...hmm..maybe I should go check out some more books by her...any suggestions? I heard many good things about Wintergirls and Speak...maybe I'll go check it out. BTYL8er (hahaha get it?)

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