Cover Alert (7)

"Cover Alert" is a meme I've created by myself. It's to show what new covers that have been revealed that I've discovered! and here it is:

OMG! I just about had a heart attack when I saw the cover on Barnes & Nobel. It's amazing! I love all the books and so I cannot wait for this one to come out :) and OMG it's the last one!!!! It's taken so LONG though for all the books to come out. I mean, like they come out every two years or something? I remember Brisingr came out sometime in September 2008 (my first book signed!), and this one's coming out Novermber this year. WOW. A pretty big gap...but of course, these books are HUGE. They must take a long time to write...

Well, that was my radar going off again on a newly released book cover! What did you find this week? leave a link/comment!

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