2012 Debutante Event at Badass Bookie!

Hey Guys!

Lisa over at Badass Bookie is having a MASSIVE 2012 Debutante Event!

Things you need to know:

It takes place during 1st to 25th December

Authors featured during this fabulous event consist of:

Veronica Rossi ( Under the Never Sky)
Jill Hathaway ( Slide)

Leah Bobet ( Above) 
Elisa Ludwig ( Pretty Crooked) 
Megan Bostic ( Never Eighteen)
Robin Bridges ( The Gathering Storm)
Kristen Simmons ( Article 5)
Brodi Aston ( Everneath)
Jodi Meadows ( Incarnate)
Jessica Spotwood ( Born Wicked)
Robin Mellom ( Ditched: A Love Story)
Miranda Kenneally ( Catching Jordan)

WOWIE. Totally can't wait for like, ANY of these books (all are on my tbr pile!! :D)

This month will be FULL of guest posts, the inside world to these books, giveaways which you can win copies of these AMAZING books and more!

I totally can't wait for it, I know that :) and there's more! There's a bunch of giveaways to kick off the event going on now. So of course, what are you waiting for? GO GET 'EM!

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