Show Gratitude: Which book are you most thankful for?

Beth Revis is the AMAZING author of Across the Universe and the upcoming sequel (Which I'm DYING to get my hands on!) A Million Suns and she is having a truly epic and massive giveaway on her blog. What can you win? Check out the post over on her blog (HERE). It's to celebrate which book we are thankful for! So here's one. It's super hard to pick one from all the amazing releases this year, but I'll have it say, it's gotta be: The Lipstick Laws by Amy Holder.

I believe I'd just moved to Singapore (probably been here for a month or something back then) and I seriously HATED IT. School was hard, moving was hard, especially since we were in a service apartment and all my stuff (my Books!) weren't there. I was a complete mess, I was so mad at my parents for making me move here from Canada. And then I'd eventually got back to book blogging. I signed up for NetGalley and lo and behold, The Lipstick Laws was available to request for review. So I got the chance to review it and it was just kinda there. Until...I remember this horrible day when this girl I really hated had kept bugging me, and nothing went right the whole day. I was in a totally crappy mood, and so when I got home, I just opened up my laptop and read The Lipstick Laws. It IMMEDIATELY made me happier. There's something so uplifting about revenge and humor in a book. This totally made my day and by the time I finished it, I felt so much better. The Lipstick Laws is really a book which can take me out of my bad mood and make everything okay :)

OK, so as I mentioned before (before I rambled on about how amazing The Lipstick Laws was!), Beth Revis is having a HUGE giveaway. I'm talking MASSIVE people. Like, 19 signed books + awesome swag + Turkish Delight. AAAANNDDDD 4 runner up prizes.

What are you waiting for people?!? Head over there!!!

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