Books I Live to Read For 2011

Hey Guys!

Some of you (not many, I'm sure) may have known about "Books I Love 2010" which was basically the 2010 awards for books. Well...

It's been completed RE-VAMPED.
The name has now been changed to:

Books I Live to Read For 2011

makes more sense anyway.

This year, here are the categories:

  • Best Book of 2011
  • Best Debut of 2011
  • Best Sequel 0f 2011
  • Best Middle Grade of 2011
  • Best Female Main Character
  • Best Male Main Character
  • Best Love Interest
  • Best Baddie
  • Best Cover 2011
  • Best Book-to-Movie

and there will be two winners for each category: YOUR pick and mine (enter it in the FORM). And the books have to be published during THIS year.

I know there's too much of 2011 left, and plus I have exams coming up, so here's the deal: This awards will run until February 12th, 2012 (My birthday :D) and then the winners will be announced. 

Most likely, there will be a giveaway at the end as well :) got my fingers crossed!

Happy voting and may the best books win!

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