Fairest of them All (2)

Fairest of them All is a meme hosted by Elleria over at Chimneys and Magic. It's to compare the different book covers that come with one book and discuss which one looks the best!

Evermore by Alyson Noël
Here's the original cover. The second English cover is not very different. Only the font changes:

Okay, now onto the various different language covers!
[Indonesian, German, Russian]
[French, Bulgarian, Dutch/Flemish]
[Spanish, Polish, Slovak]
[German, Finnish, Turkish]
[Lithuanian, Catalan, Hungarian]

WOW. Okay, TONS of covers for this one (did not see that coming!)
Okay, now let's discuss!

My Thoughts:
For the original cover variation, I have to say, I love Dutch/Flemmish one because of the eerie blue glow going on over there and the Catalan one, because the grey really makes the red flowers stand out. For other covers, not a variation of the original, I like 2nd German cover, it looks really dark. And I have to say that the Turkish one also has a good cover model for their version of the book. Any-hoo, all great covers.

Which do you think is the best cover?


  1. This is the biggest group I've seen with varied book covers. I wonder why they don't just use one.

  2. Me tooo!! I love the dutch one the best..
    The pink hues are so classic and the whole thing seems like it would transcend time.

  3. I like the German cover (with the red flowers?) best :) I am not a big fan of the purple and the model of the cover. Neat feature :)


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