Spin by Catherine McKenzie

Spin by Catherine McKenzie

Release Date: February 1, 2012 [US]
Publisher: HarperCollins
Rated: YA/Adult 14+
Format: eGalley
Source: NetGalley
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Katie Sandford has just gotten an interview at her favourite music magazine, The Line. It's the chance of a lifetime. So what does she do? Goes out to celebrate - and shows up still drunk at the interview. No surprise, she doesn't get the job, but the folks at The Line think she might be perfect for another assignment for their sister gossip rag. All Katie has to do is follow It Girl Amber Sheppard into rehab. If she can get the inside scoop (and complete the 30-day program without getting kicked out), they'll reconsider her for the job at The Line.

Katie takes the job. But things get complicated when real friendships develop, a cute celebrity handler named Henry gets involved, and Katie begins to realize she may be in rehab for a reason. Katie has to make a decision -- is publishing the article worth everything she has to lose?

This was somehow in the YA section of NetGalley. When I read it, I realized that it was more for adults, even though it has suitable tones for teens as well. Nonetheless, Spin was a great novel about discovering yourself, opening up, and (of course) music.

I liked Katie, she was funny, even though she was too addicted to alcohol, which was technically the premise of the story. I don't think there was ever a dry moment with her! She acts so much like a teen protagonist in an adult's body– she's just that hilarious. From pretending that she's younger than she is to get free food, to ducking behind bushes from her ex, it's one nonstop giggle-fest.
Amber is one friend who I would love to have. Daring, outrageous and totally has a dramatic flair, this girl (even though sometimes spoilt) will totally stand up for you. And HENRY!! loved him from the first moment.

It's interesting to see a treatment facility...through the view of someone who's only pretending to be a patient! Sure, she really does have an addiction problem, but the way Kate perceives things in this center, makes it sound tough and kinda weird, I guess.

Spin was a short read, one which had me grabbing my iPod and listening to several of the songs mentioned during the novel. Catherine McKenzie has written a fun-packed story fit for adults and teens alike. Loved it!

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  2. Awesome review! Definitely interested in checking out this one (:

  3. Lovely review. I've been seeing this title EVERYWHERE--maybe I should give it a read? :D

    Thanks for the follow (and I'm now following back!)

  4. Nice review! I love setting music to books and it's even better when the books themselves mention songs! Thanks for stopping by my blog Ramblings of a Bibliophiliac. I'm a new follower as well!

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog (I returned the follow :)

    This book looks right up my alley as Teen Idol is my very favorite Meg Cabot and the humor in this novel sounds similarly appealing-thanks for the review!

  6. Hi! You have such a pretty blog, especially the colourful header! And this book looks like something I would love, thanks for the review. And new follower, would love if you could maybe visit my blog too. :)

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  7. Hmmm...I swear there is a movie out there that is something like this, but I can't for the life of me remember the name of it! Lol. Anyways, this is my first time hearing of Spin, and it sounds somewhat interesting, but I'm not sure if it's for me or not. I think I'm going to keep my eye out for further reviews, just in case though!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  8. Thank you very much for visiting! I'm not too into stories like these, but the whole rehab thing does sound interesting. I might give it a try because of that cover. I like it! Awesome :)

  9. Nice review! I totally in love with the cover and the story too :)


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