News for The Transfer by Veronica Roth!

Hi everyone!

Some of you may have seen the exciting Divergent news about the upcoming short story, The Transfer. This is the first part of four short stories and will be released on September 3, 2013 and the rest of the stories will be released between that date and February 11, 2014.  All of these will be first published in electronic form and then a final paperback will be released on February 11, 2014 with all the five short stories in it, including "Free Four" which was published previously. And did I mention all of these will be told from Four's perspective? :D

ANYWAY, just recently, released the cover for the first of these four short stories! Here it is, le cover for The Transfer!

Read more about it HERE.

Well, that's the news for now! I still have to read Divergent (don't kill me) but oh my goodness, I seriously can't wait for the movie! I mean after I saw this:

I pretty much was sold ;P

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