A Message from Clinton Festa, author of The Enchanted Harp

Fellow readers:

People in prisons and juvenile detention centers don't have many options for recreation.  They love reading as much as we do, but they rely on a steady supply of books.  Have you ever wondered what to do with your old books?  Maybe your mother/father/wife/husband has asked you several times to clean out your 'old books that you're never going to read again.'  You can even donate your sports magazines and comic books to one of our featured juvenile detention centers.

Please 'like' the Facebook page below and join the Goodreads group to get updates from Sentences Book Donations on the latest needs from individual prisons and JD centers.  Check out past posts, or wait for future ones, and you're sure to see a prison that needs exactly what's on your shelf.  Stay connected, and you'll find an opportunity to make a very efficient, effective donation.  Your books will be read!  We'll tell you how to donate, where to send it to, etc.  Thank you for your donation!

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The Enchanted Harp is available for free on Amazon now until April 14, 2014.

If you’ve never downloaded a free e-book, it’s very easy.  Just log in and purchase it (for $0.00) like you would any product.  You can begin reading right away.  No Kindle required.

The book takes place in 1920 London.  Lillian Paisley is a fifteen-year old errand girl for (the fictitious) King Richard XVI, or Rick, as he prefers.  Her saintly mother died when she was only three, leaving Lilly with a vague, frustrated memory of the person who should be the most important role model in her life.  Lilly was left in the care of her three loving but very meddling godmothers, Matthea, Marcia, and JoAnna.

Mattie, Marcia, and Jo tell mythic stories of Lucy Paisley, Lilly’s mother, which only frustrates her more.  They claim that Lucy did jumping jacks on water, or turned rocks into brownies and dirt into frosting.  On an errand to a church in the poorest part of London, Lilly says a prayer to understand who her mother really was.  The result is a concert grand harp enchanted with the spirit of Lucy Paisley.

From there, anything real becomes unlikely, and anything absurd becomes the norm.  With Lucy’s wisdom and Lilly’s courage, the mother-and-daughter team set out to make things right in their troubled town, performing a few miracles along the way.

So, what category is The Enchanted Harp in?  That’s a tough question to answer.  It’s Young Adult… 50% comedy… 25% romance… 33% historical fiction (don’t worry if these numbers don’t add up)… 10% mystery… 33% religious themes, which include angels, demons, saints, etc… which also makes it 20% paranormal…  Okay, let me try to say what it’s not.  It’s not a mean-spirited, obnoxious, slow-paced read full of self-destructive characters that make you cringe at their unrealistically poor decision-making.

The Enchanted Harp is my second book, following Ancient Canada, both published by SynergEbooks.  Ancient Canada is available in print; The Enchanted Harp is a new release and only available as an e-book right now.

Remember, The Enchated Harp is available for free until April 14th on Amazon!  Don’t miss the chance to get it for free!

Thanks everybody for reading,
Clinton Festa

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