Fall TV Lineup

It’s that time of year again: 


There are SO many shows that are returning that I’ll be watching for sure, so I can’t wait to get started. Sure, it’ll be kinda difficult with, y’know, university and everything, but I’m confident that I’ll be able to get through this.


Not too many dramas... which in some ways is a good thing because 40 minutes sometimes can be too long :P I can’t wait to find out what’s gonna happen in Revenge since everything’s flipped around now, and Once Upon a Time with the new Frozen story arc (which I’m not too happy about but I can kinda deal with it). Reign looks really interesting, especially the whole Mary and Francis story line. Should be good!  Downton Abbey Season 5 premieres in the UK in September but it won’t be available in the US until January. ARGH. Hopefully there’ll be some way of watching it...

UPDATE: Watched Downton Abbey already and it’s brilliant. Loving this season to the MAX. Even more exciting news– George Clooney will be on the show :D


A LOT more comedies for sure.

The Mindy Project: Probably THE funniest show on TV that I watch. Amazing humour, and hopefully it pulls through because 13 EPISODES IN THIS UPCOMING SEASON IS NOT ENOUGH. UPDATE: Season 3 has already started and wowieee what a first episode. A lot revealed, and a whole lot more laughs.

New Girl: While I’ve had some meh moments with this show, especially during season 2, I’ve come to really enjoy it. Love that Coach is now COMPLETELY with the show and there’ll be more hilarity that follows up from where last season left off. UPDATE: Season 4 has started and WOW it’s already super funny. Loving what the gang is up to!

Awkward.: Technically, not another season starting up. Season 4 just took a ridiculously long break and now it’s back! So much drama, so much humour, and so much awkward.

Faking It: Season 2! Season 1 was pretty short and while it was kind of so-so, I’m looking forward to what this new season will reveal.

The Goldbergs: Season 2 pulled through! YAY! I’ve come to seriously love this show. It’s like Modern Family meets the 80’s. Amazing. And Beverly Goldberg is probably the funniest mom on TV. FO. SHO.

The Middle (Not Pictured): I practically binge-watched all five seasons this past year, and I’ve come to love the Heck family. So many funny moments and I’m glad that it got renewed because I can’t wait to see what happens.

Modern Family: Season 6! WOOHOOO. I’ve been watching this show since season 3 was out (so like, eons ago) and so glad that everyone’s back for another round. Heard some interesting plot lines and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Also another hilarious comedy that I absolutely ADORE. It’s got a great amount of physical humour as well, so that’s always good. Great that a cop show can actually be funny.

Mom (Not Pictured): While I was kinda feeling meh about the first season, because I mean, it was kinda like a show you would think would get cancelled, but I think I’m gonna keep watching this one.

About a Boy: Another ridiculously short first season and so I’m glad season 2 will bring about more laughs and more “awwww” moments.

The Millers: I kinda felt the same way about this one as I did with Mom, except this one actually got a whole lot funnier. Looking forward to seeing what Carol gets up to and how the rest of the family has to deal with her “motherly” actions.

New Shows

A lot more dramas than comedies, but these are the ones that really stood out for me– so hopefully, I’ll be giving these a chance.

Red Band Society: I’m seriously in love with this one. Thanks to iTunes, I got the pilot for free and already freaking out about it. New dramedy that I’m totally falling for!

Madam Secretary: A political drama and I like Téa Leoni so I’m interested to see what happens with this one. Again, another free pilot courtesy of iTunes.

Gotham: Um, the beginnings of Batman’s villains?! Too good to turn down.

Scorpion: I’m still not too sure what this one is about, but it’s got good reviews and I believe it’s about hacking and stuff, so it should be amazing.

How to Get Away with Murder: This one has TONS of hype already. I love Viola Davies, and the trailer looks AMAZE-BALLS.

Black-ish: I loved the main actor in the Scary Movie series and so this was too good to pass up. Again, courtesy of iTunes for the free episode.

A to Z: I only know the actress from How I Met Your Mother and the guy I believe was on some episodes of The Mindy Project. Sounds like a cute romantic TV show and heard some great things about it, so fingers crossed!

Cristela: I don’t think this one comes out for a while, but from watching the trailer, it sounds really funny! It’s a 50/50 chance that it might get cancelled or renewed, but let’s hope for the best.

Forever: Likewise with Scorpion, I really don’t know much about what this is about. Something about immortality I’m guessing and the guy’s a doctor. I think. Oh well, free ep from iTunes once more!

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● 

So there you have it folks! I’m super excited to get into these 15 returning shows and 9 new ones :D I have no idea about new shows, because it seems like I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment, but who knows! We’ll see *wink wink*.

Let me know in the comments what shows you’re watching that are either new, returning, or old and you just wanted to watch it now!

**All images are from Ben Dodson’s iTunes Artwork Finder


  1. I stopped watching Revenge a while ago. It got so crazy it was too unbelievable for me. I'll be giving Scorpion, Gotham and Forever a try as well. As far as I know Forever is about the mc, who is a medical examiner, who is investigating corpses not only as his day job but because he is immortal and doesn't know why. Sounds good :)

  2. Hahaha holy shit so many shows. Have fun keeping up with all of those xD


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