Ladies Living Dangerously Recap

Hey guys! So today, I went to BTAF (Boston Teen Author Festival) Preview Event: LADIES LIVING DANGEROUSLY featuring Erin Bowman, Eva Darrows/Hillary Monahan, and Laurie Faria Stolarz.

It was all kinds of awesome! Unfortunately for me, the T (subway) was running late so I arrived around 25 minutes late because the T was moving super slowly, there were some delays along the way, I had to cut through Harvard (where there were several tour groups) to get to the Cambridge Public Library, it was hot, and...just all kinds of things. ANYWAY, I arrived when they were talking answering questions that were presented by Sarah, a member of the BTAF staff, and I managed to get a seat right in the middle, in the second row–well, technically the first row, because no one was actually sitting in the first row.

As I said, it was all kinds of awesome. I can’t remember too many specifics since I was having such a good time just listening to all three authors talk about their books and writing books in general. It was definitely very feminist-driven, I’m happy to say! All about writing female characters, why there should be all kinds of female characters (not just the “strong female character”), and where they pull their source material from, just to name a few things that they talked about. Hillary Monahan/Eva Darrows is a HOOT, lemme tell you that people!

And then of course, came the signing:

I’d previously met Hillary Monahan/Eva Darrows at last year’s BTAF, and I got Mary: The Summoning signed then, and she actually remembered my name when Erin Bowman was signing my book! I was super excited about that. Isn’t her hair the COOLEST? She was also wearing this awesome shade of blue lipstick. 

I’ve read Vengeance Road and absolutely loved it (it’s one of my top reads this year!), but unfortunately because of all the money I’ve spent on books recently–both for this event and the upcoming main BTAF event–I couldn’t buy a copy :( I did have my copy of Taken though, to get signed. I told her how I gave my sister this book to read and she ended up loving it. Erin Bowman was super sweet and she had such awesome swag (which is in a picture below).

And finally, Laurie Faria Stolarz. She was actually the first person to sign one of my books, so I don’t know why I did it in this order. Any-hoo. Like Hillary, I’d also met Laurie at last year’s BTAF when she signed my copy of Deadly Little Secrets. Welcome to the Dark House sounds like a super creepy read–and she mentioned she’s not a fan of horror but loves suspense and thrillers like me!–and I’m so looking forward to reading it. Laurie was super sweet as well and I got an awesome postcard with her books on it.

Check out the swag I got!
This was such a fantastic event, I’m so glad I decided to go. Thank you so much to the BTAF staff and Cambridge Public Library for hosting this, and I can’t wait for the Boston Teen Author Festival! This year’s is gonna be epic.

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  1. Look at you, it's so obvious you had a great time! Signed books are cool, hearing them speak and meeting them is coolER!


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