Harry Potter 7, Pt. II: It All Ends

I just came back from watching this. Apparently, it got released earlier here in Singapore (14th...not 15th) unlike most of the world. I dunno. But,




It's over. It's so sad that one of the worlds greatest movie (and book) series has finally come to an end. I haven't read the 7th book since it first came out (just didn't have time D:) but WOW. This one was fabulous. Probably the best one in the whole movie series. Don't want to give too much away, but go watch it. You will NOT be disappointed. 

Hopefully, Harry Potter will never die. 'Cause after all, he IS the boy who lived, right?


  1. YAY! We're so glad to hear it's awesome. Because holy cow we are STOKED to go see it!

  2. I cannot wait to see this! It opened to presales here on Tuesday but my other half hates going when it's too busy so I most likely won't see it for at least a week or two! /cries I have read all the books though so I know basically what will happen...just can't wait to see it LIVE on the big screen!


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