Lauren Kate Signing in Singapore!

On July 9th, 2011 (Today) I went to the Lauren Kate signing at Books Kinokuniya in Singapore. It's the second time I've been to a signing (the first being in Toronto, Christopher Paolini's for Brisingr) and so I was ÜBER excited! I've never been to a signing in Asia (it isn't so often a famous author comes down here!) and I went early so I could grab a good seat. There weren't too many people luckily, so I managed to snag a seat in the 2nd row. I had my camera ready to go, all my books balancing on my lap and my feet tapping the floor as my leg wouldn't stop shaking. I was seated 20 minutes before it started, which during I purchased Passion and The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove. Then finally they announced that it was starting! 

Lauren Kate came up, the manager of the store gave her a gift and she began talking. It was really interesting to see her talk about how she became a writer, what the writing process was like for this book, and what we could expect from this book and the next one, Rapture, which is coming out next year. She told us that Passion was harder to write as it talks about the many romances of Luce and Daniel through hundreds of years.

After this, it was time for questions! No one at first asked a question, and then there was a question about the movie deal for Fallen. I've briefly heard about this, when I read this short article. Disney has optioned the rights to make movies out of the books, and it was funny, as Lauren Kate went, "...and I know when I say Disney, back in the US everyone's worried that Miley Cyrus would get the main part or something." Can't wait to watch and see who gets cast!
After this question, I raised my hand and asked "What made you want to write about Fallen Angels?" and Mrs. Kate answered that she had Bible studies and then came the topic of angels, and from that came the idea of fallen angels to the story she was currently writing. It then took several sources of information to find out all she needed about Angels and their history. It was interesting to hear how the research process went, how many countless books and other places she had to look for information and such.

Since there were no more questions after mine, it went onto the signing, and luckily, with not too many people, I got quite a good spot in line– I didn't have to wait too long. Maybe around 20-ish minutes, which is WAY different compared to the signing in Toronto, as I waited for 3 hours! When I finally got up to the table I was so excited! I thought I was going to die, but Mrs. Kate was so nice. She asked me if I was Singaporean (which I'm not) and then it lead to me telling her I moved from Toronto and she told me she's never been there (hopefully she will, so y'all in Canada can go for her signing!) and then she asked me which place I loved living in most and it was really cool to have a conversation with her! I thought I would like stammer or something, but nope, all went well, thank God. I even got a pic with her! Check it out:

I'll show you all what amazing books I got signed during this event, tomorrow on In My Mailbox! I'm so glad I managed to find out about this. I would be DEVASTATED if I found out I missed it or something!! 
Thank you so much Lauren Kate for coming here, and I hope you had a fab time coming to Singapore!


  1. Way to go asking a question. I always freeze up. I'm glad you got to go. Very exciting.

  2. Sounds like fun! I wish YA authors would come to my city, but I'm hoping that since I'm moving to Ohio next month and I'll be about an hour away from Cleveland, that there will be more signings for me to go to.


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