Let the Exams BEGIN

By the time this is posted, I've JUST started my first exam of 11. So, I'll see you in 2 weeks! They end on Jan 20th, and I've already got some scheduled posts for the time I'm gone :) So hopefully, it won't be too boring here.


Here's a list of things you can do while I'm gone:

1. Enter in your votes for Books I Live to Read For 2011. (HINT: It will give you 5 plus points into the giveaway I'm holding at the end for this event + 200 Followers)

2. Recommend me a book using THIS form!

3. Leave a link in the comments to a funny pic (I totally recommend tumblr ;D) or tell me a funny story to make my day.

4. Tell me something you've watched recently, which you recommend. I'm looking for movies to watch for Movie Reviews.

5. ...and I think I'm outta ideas.

ARGH. Okay, I better sign off. See ya soon!

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