Welcome 2012...and 200 Followers!

Hey Everyone,

Hope you all had a fabulous New Year with fireworks and such :) I know I did... my family and I went here to celebrate:

obviously not my picture, but yup :)

This is Marina Bay Sands, it's a huge hotel/casino in Singapore. So in the photo, the buildings right most is the hotel and the lower-in-height buildings to it's left is a mall...kinda, I dunno. There's a name...but right now, I can't remember.
ANYWAY, there were tons of fireworks on the water, but BOY was it crowded. We at dinner near the flower-like building (at the far end of the "mall" which is an Art and Science Center) and then watched fireworks from around there. It was amazing, great music and stuff, so it was a fantastic way to welcome new year :D

and in other news...

and wow... on the first day of 2012 :D

Thank you to BooksStacksOnDeck, who was actually my 200th follower AND who commented on the (Nearly) 200 Followers Post which said that I'd reached 200 :) So that's an AMAZING surprise. Thanks so much!

So THANK YOU to all of you followers out there! I'm sticking with blogger (anyway for the meantime) so GFC will always kinda be there. At least, I hope. But anyway, I'm gonna have a giveaway soon DEFINITELY. I know I didn't have one for 100 followers, so most likely, two winners ;D but it's gonna hafta wait unfortunately, 'cause I got exams, like, in a week. YIKES! Better hit the (text)books!

Thanks so much again, and I'll see ya soon! I'll be scheduling posts, so that you all don't get too bored without me :P

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  1. Sounds like a pretty sweet New Year's! Congrats on your followers & good luck on your exams! <3


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