Dream Cast: A Great and Terrible Beauty

I started thinking about who could play what in YA books if it were adapted to a movie, and THUS, I wanna start making "dream cast" posts. So... this is gonna be fun.

Today's movie dream cast is for:

A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray


Emma Stone
(Easy A, The Help)

I absolutely adore Stone, and even though I've only seen her in Easy A, I found her hilariously refreshing. Gemma in the book has somewhat a funny side, so it would be good to see Stone perform comically in the movie time to time. Plus, Gemma has green eyes, and they look absolutely stunning on Emma Stone in the right photo!


Candice Accola
(The Vampire Diaries [TV], Juno)

I believe she's a natural blonde, but she's just as gorgeous as a red-head. I would say she would fit the part more than Stone, passing off more as British. It's a tough decision though!


Ashley Benson
(Pretty Little Liars [TV])

When I thought of who could play Felicity, the only person coming to mind was Ashley Benson, and I agree completely hands down. I don't know if anyone else could really fit the part, but she's got that seducing look that Felicity's supposed to have, that eye-balling stare...


Anna Popplewell
(The Chronicles of Narnia)

She's so effing PRETTY! Pippa's supposed to be the beauty of the group, and I definitely thing Popplewell could do it fabulously.


Leighton Meester
(Gossip Girl [TV], Monte Carlo)

AHHH! She looks the part in this photo already :D Love her so much on GG, so I couldn't help but picture her as Pippa.


Molly Quinn
(Castle [TV], Avalon High)

Ann is supposed to be plain and almost dull of sort, and Quinn is anything but. However, I just couldn't help but picture Ann and her. She's got that natural beauty, simple and not-overly obvious. That's why I think her ideal.


This one was a toughie, I had to admit. I can't think of anyone (any teen Indian actors) and so this was the closest I could come up with:

Avan Jogia
(Victorious [TV])

...well, he's somewhat half-Indian, and maybe in a couple years or so, he would become the more ideal Kartik.

Hester Asa Moore / Sarah Rees-Toome / Circe

Michelle Pfeiffer
(Stardust, A Midsummer Night's Dream, I Am Sam, etc.)

After seeing her in Stardust as a witch, I don't think I could portray her anything less than fantasy. She's got that mythical look, like she could be a sorceress, or a witch, or a spellcaster of some sort...and yet, a teacher at a boarding school. Perfect for the part!

Well, that was my casting for A Great and Terrible Beauty. It was originally to become a movie, but unfortunately, they stopped production :( sad, because I think this is seriously amazing movie material. Anyway, who would you cast for this book? and,

which book should I cast next week?


  1. WHOA. To be perfectly honest, we didn't love Great and Terrible Beauty -- not b/c it was a bad book, but b/c historical girl antics in a boarding school are not our thing. But WOW are you a good casting director. These folks fit our mental image of the book PERFECTLY. We would even watch the movie if they actually got cast in it! Good job.

  2. I love to dream cast, too. I actually started a dreamcasting post on my blog this week, haha! I can't say if this cast is great for Gemma Doyle because I have not read that series yet (I do own all the books though). But I love who you picked in your cast, all amazing actresses!

  3. Great actors/actresses. However, I don't think your Ann looks the part.

  4. Your casting is great as far as looks and everything goes! Check out Elyes Gabel for the role of Kartik though, he's so hot and a little more manly looking than yours! Now, if they would hurry up and make the movie then he could be Kartik before he gets too old. Lol. How come you chose American actresses though? Wouldn't it be cooler if the girls playing Gemma, Pippa, Anne, and Fee were actually British? I personally like Rachel Hurd-Wood for Gemma, check her out too!


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