Enchanted by Alethea Kontis

Enchanted by Alethea Kontis

Release Date: May 8, 2012
Publisher: Harcourt Children's Books
Rated: YA 13+
Format: eGalley
Source: NetGalley (for blog tour)
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It isn't easy being the rather overlooked and unhappy youngest sibling to sisters named for the other six days of the week. Sunday’s only comfort is writing stories, although what she writes has a terrible tendency to come true.

When Sunday meets an enchanted frog who asks about her stories, the two become friends. Soon that friendship deepens into something magical. One night Sunday kisses her frog goodbye and leaves, not realizing that her love has transformed him back into Rumbold, the crown prince of Arilland—and a man Sunday’s family despises.

The prince returns to his castle, intent on making Sunday fall in love with him as the man he is, not the frog he was. But Sunday is not so easy to woo. How can she feel such a strange, strong attraction for this prince she barely knows? And what twisted secrets lie hidden in his past - and hers?

Spellbinding. That's the only complete (and real) word which I can use to describe this book. Enchanted by Alethea Kontis was amazing, I never wanted it to end. It's a fantastic blend of fairy tales and fantasy, of magic and romance– one ride I'd never want to get off. From the first words, I was hooked. I didn't stop until I'd completed this wonderful journey, only to regret that's there was no more.

I loved all the characters in this novel. They were all so unique, yet tied to similar characters in fairy tales. I loved the sisters of the week, I loved the royal family, and even if some characters were evil, they was something so enchanting, so wonderful about them. I enjoyed Velius and Erik's hilarious bantering, and found myself wanting more of the other sisters. And Trix? an adorable older (but younger) brother. However, the only problem I found was Peter. I thought that he wasn't included in the story much, and I would have like to have known him better.

Sunday was brilliant. I loved her stories, I loved her will to be strong and free. She definitely made me want to BE her, because she was so innocent, yet headstrong. She set apart from her sister definitely. Unlike what her "prophecy" (I don't know whether that's the right word to use here) states she's willing to be different that what's she's expected to be.
Oh gods, and here comes the fangirling. Can I just say, that I wish Rumbold was MY knight in shining armour? I can't believe I'm actually jealous of someone fictitious. But he's probably one of the most charming and sweetest male leads. He totally reminded me of Galen from Princess of the Midnight Ball. Just must be that historical-fantasy era which makes me swoon.

This novel contains a LOT of fairy tales. From reading the blurb alone, you can see that this story is potentially based on The Princess and the Frog. However, there's so much more tied to this story! Cinderella plays a huge part, and so does Jack and the Beanstalk. Bits of other fairy tales, such as Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Rumpelstiltskin, and The Princess and the Pea are also included in this story. It's fascinating to see how all of these mash together to form one epic story. It really shows that Kontis has spent time, pouring over several fairy tales in order to create a masterpiece.

Enchanted is one book I wish there could be several follow up sequels to it, because this is NOT ENOUGH! Enrapturing and with a gorgeous cover to top it all of, Alethea Kontis has written a stunning book which will capture the attentions of readers of all ages and enchant them (I couldn't resist) with beautiful descriptions and flawless writing.

**Thank you so much to Alethea Kontis for making me apart of the blog tour and sending Enchanted for review!**

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  1. I loved trying to figure out all the fairy tales that were involved and while I'm sure I missed some, I was so happy just thinking about them and relishing the ways they were modified and incorporated into a brand-new story.

  2. Really? More than one fairy tale? It's like reading the movie Enchanted in a book, except the story is different. :D Wish I had this book. :D

  3. This book sound great, i am looking forward to read this book. I love the cover book to. It's very beautiful :)


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