YES. Once again.

Hey everyone!

Because my family's so big on taking vacations, here's my summer: I'm going to India! Which is gonna be quite relaxing, but lemme tell you, the internet there is pretty sketchy. SO... what to do? I'm sure I'll get internet at one point, but until then, I'm scheduling some posts along the way, mostly memes and reviews, but also a blog tour post and a couple of interviews. So fingers crossed, hope everything goes as planned, and here's to the summer break.

**UPDATE: Okay, well, I'm in India now, and there's internet! YIPPEEEE! But it's pretty slow :P BUT, I'll still be able to use it!**

Have a great summer and happy reading!



  1. Yay! Awesome hope you have a great time there.

    Riya (Zahrahs friend) :P


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