30 Day Book Meme: Day 6

30 Day Book Meme is a, well, meme I found over at Chimneys & Magic. To participate, you need to answer the question per day! Today's "question" (you can't really call it a question, now can you?) is...

A book that makes you sad

Luckily, there haven't been too many books that have made me feel very depressed after reading. These two have maybe got to be the only ones on the list (I never cry while reading books...kinda came close with these two). Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma because that ending was COMPLETELY shocking. So close to bringing out the waterworks for the non-emotional girl (hey, I'm not completely unemotional...just not when it comes to movies or books so much). Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins because so many amazing people die in the book AND it's the last of the amazing series.

Which book made you cry?

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