30 Day Book Meme: Day 8

30 Day Book Meme is a, well, meme which I found over at Chimneys & Magic, and to participate you need to answer a bookish "question" (you can't really call it a question :P) each day of the 30 days. Today's "question" is...

Most Overrated book

Okay, this one was fairly easy. I don't have many books which are overrated, but this one was the first that came to mind. 

Yeah, I know.

Okay, I will have to admit, I did enjoy it the first time I read this series. And the second time through as well. Maybe a third time. But then after, you suddenly wonder, what IS so great about this series? Sure, it has the most controversial love triangles in YA book history, but seriously? Not too great once you find yourself in the midst of Twi-hard fans. (btw, I'm so Team Jacob...uptil the 4th book. That went a little off-hand with the whole "I'm in love with Bella...but she got married and had a kid. Oh well, now I'll love the kid instead").

Are You Team Edward or Team Jacob? and which book do YOU think is so not worth it?

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