TBR Intervention ❘ Week 1

The TBR Intervention is hosted by

It's a challenge to help ourselves, fellow readers and book bloggers to tackle our ever growing TBR Piles.

I saw this on Refracted Light, and I couldn't resist but join in. As you might have seen (or rather read) sometimes on the blog complaining about how much more I have to read, and the expansiveness of my to-read books. This sounds like the perfect way to take down the HUGE pile, and to set goals each week of what to read.

1) Book(s) I've committed to read last week.

...As I've just joined the challenge, I don't think this applies (for now).

2) Book(s) I'm committing to read this week.

As I'm going on holiday from the 16th onwards, I'll need to read Loving Summer fast, because the blog tour's happening when I'm not "here". I'm not sure whether I'll have internet in India, as it's always going on and off, but I'll be scheduling a post, so yeah, top of the TBR this goes! And to lighten my luggage load, I'll need to read Divergent (and possibly Insurgent as well) because these two are MONSTER HUGE.

So yay! That's it for my first post for the TBR Intervention! :D How big and out of control are your TBRs getting? Leave a comment!

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  1. You haven't read Divergent yet? I highly recommend it! Can't wait to see what you think of it.


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