Every Little Thing in the World by Nina de Gramont

HULLO and welcome back to another episode of "The Blog of a Readaholic" with yours truly as your host. Anyway, besides the cheesy introduction, this book, Every Little Thing in the World by Nina de Gramont is a fairly recent release, and this being one of Gramont's first teen books (as I believe), it's amazing and awesome and can be enjoyed by readers that are teens and adults.

Sixteen-year-old Sydney Biggs is a “good kid” --- smart, pretty, self-aware. No one doubts that she’ll go far in life. But lately her mother worries that Sydney is wandering down the wrong path and getting all caught up in petty teenage rebellion and shenanigans. When Sydney and her best friend, Natalia, “borrow” a car to go to a party and then get escorted home by the police, their parents pack them up and ship them off to a hard-love wilderness camp to stop this behavior before it gets out of hand, before things go too far. The problem is, they already have.
Sydney the “good kid” is pregnant. 
In the wilds of Canada --- where the girls are to spend the next four weeks canoeing, camping, and foraging for food --- time is ticking because Sydney isn’t sure what she wants to do about this baby. And she certainly isn’t expecting the other heady issues that will confront her as she forges friendships with her adventure mates, including a guy who makes it no secret that he is a major thug, and a teen television heartthrob with a secret of his own, not to mention her own best friend --- who is very adamant about what Sydney should do.

This is a book that deals with issues that some teens are dealing with today. Pregnancy. How to confront your parents about it, what action should be taken and to avoid getting pregnant in the first place! It's kinda like the book What Kind of Love? The Diary of a Pregnant Teenager by Sheila Cole. It's got the same ending (I AM NOT GIVING IT AWAY!) and it's similar for both main characters have no idea what to do and rely on friends and family to give support, although the family isn't very helpful in both books.
This book also has a very clear message to teens, and that is to be careful and think about what future you want to have before you jump then fall. It also deals with people from different backgrounds and views, and friendships and having fun. This book also taught me (well imaginatively) that camping and canoeing is AWESOME and yeah :). With this book you'll definitely be changed, in some way, because it kinda just puts you off and makes you think about your future, and what you expect from it.
Other than that, I have a NEGATIVE note to this book. I so wanted Sydney and _______ (not  giving away names, although I do know who I'm talking about!) to end up together, but it was something about the person, that changed everything... :( how sad...they could have been perfect! 
Anywaaayy, that's all I have for this book. If You are a Member of PULSEIT this book is available to read online 'till the end of this month (April) and if you aren't a member, JOIN QUICKLY AND READ! BYE!

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