Rant on Twilight

Hey Guys! So I wrote a Rant on Twilight (with my friend) which was for my drama class comedy monologue! So here it is.

You know what I really hate?
Twilight...and all its over obsessed fans. I mean, seriously, Team Edward and Team Jacob? You don’t see anyone going round saying, “Team Cho” or “Team Ginny” showing who you’d like to see Harry end up with. I mean seriously, can’t Bella just fall for a normal guy already? Is it really that hard? Bella has like, 5 guys after her, and some of them are human, but NO, she has to go for the Vampire, the Werewolf...so, what’s next, a Merman? And she’s so whiny during the whole book, and she only focuses on what Edward looks like, his godliness and his perfectness and blah blah blah, well guess what? There’s something called GET A LIFE. 
If Robert Pattinson was walking down the street, I DOUBT anyone would ever say, OMG, its Cedric Diggory!! and Basically, what they’re trying to prove in Twilight, is that Vampires are blood sucking creatures, that either prey on humans or animals...and they “sparkle” in the sun, I know. How terrifying. Speaking of animals, sucking blood from animals doesn’t make them “vegetarian.” I mean, yeah, sure, they’re doing that not to hurt the humans, but I’m wondering do they realize, how many deers, lions and bears they consume? No wonder many animals are considered endangered species. 

Well, that's what I wrote for my rant (BTW this is © of Me 2010) and although this is negative towards the Twilight Saga, I guess I'm still quite excited for the upcoming release of the Eclipse Novella The Short Second life of Bree Tanner which is in store June 5th, 2010 and will be a free e-book from June 7th to July 5th on http://www.breetanner.com/! but seriously what happened to Midnight Sun?? when's that gonna come out...just a question for y'all...

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