Nicola and the Viscount by Meg Cabot

I just luvvved how Nicola and the Viscount by Meg Cabot ended! (Just finished btw)...WARNING: Spoilers below.
Here's the Blurb!:

Nicola Sparks, sixteen and an orphan, is ready to dive headlong into her first London Season. A whirlwind of fashionable activities awaits her, although nabbing a husband, ordinarily the prime object of every girl's Season, is not among them. For Nicola has already chosen hers: a handsome viscount by the name of Lord Sebastian.

Lord Sebastian Bartholomew is wealthy, attractive, and debonair, even if the few tantalizingly short moments Nicola has spent with him have produced little save discussions about poetry. Nicola is sure that a proposal from Lord Sebastian would be a match made in heaven. Everything is going well, until the infuriating Nathaniel Sheridan begins to cast doubt on the viscount's character.

Nicola is convinced Nathaniel's efforts to besmirch Lord Sebastian's sterling reputation will yield nothing. But when she begins to piece things together for herself, the truth that is revealed has as much to do with the viscount as it does with Nicola's own heart.

I love how Meg Cabot wrote a book that's based in around the 1800's-ish...cause I LOVE those kinds of stories! It's kinda like Pride and Prejudice in a way, because Nicola was to marry Harold, but then went on to ALMOST being married to Lord Sebastian, but then WOHOO!! all good things come in the end!
I like how when it "seems" that the book is gonna end, with her breaking off her engagement to Lord Sebastian, and then she moves on but THEN the twist comes and even more action is included. NICOLA ROX when she the book and find out :P but this book is amazing...luved Nat! and again, why does Meg Cabot have to make ALL the main boys in her books sound so...irresistible?'s so not fair!
I SOOO cannot wait to read Victoria and the Rogue (it's in my room) but I'm gonna hafta finish a few other books before I get along with that one! so, c ya till then and Kisses! (Pretty Little Liars much? LOL)

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