Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard

Bonjour! welcome back, and I'm gonna do a review on Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard! I've already read this book, but here it goes!
This book, like the rest of the series, was INTENSE, GRIPPING and HAUNTING (well, not really) but I was definitely hooked after reading the prologue and the first few chapters, and  there was something there, kinda like a magnet that made my eyes and hands not leave the book until it was done, and then I HAD to grab onto the next one! and the next one, and the next and so on!
I was really surprised with the type of people Sara Shepard put into the book. Each of the four girls were really different. Spencer was the "A" Student, the Role-Model, Teachers Pet. Aria was more like the Teacher's love, but the most "normal" out of the group. Hannah the Bulimic and the brattiest one in the group. UGH...she thinks too much about being popular! Emily is one of the characters that is nice, but she's well, different from other girls, but she's a swimmer, so GO SWIMMING! YEAH!
It's weird though, how some characters ONLY come in the first book or a few books, and then they completely disappear and there's only the slightest mention of them kinda annoys me cause some of the characters were kinda good. I mean what happened to Erza, who was one of Aria's main problems? he kinda disappeared. Same with Wren and Sean! They went away! 
I love how in every book, you think that one person's DEFINITELY "A" but, something happens to that person and then there's another person and so on and on. I was so SURE that it was Alison in the first book, but it proved me wrong and that = ADDICTION to these books!
Sara Shepard has done REALLY well with her first (?) book series, and it's a HUGE hit, many girls will soon be addicted as the last book, Wanted, comes out this June! I CANNOT WAIT!
Well, bye for now guys, and more PLL will follow up after! 

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