Why I Live Underground (Written in the Perspective of Hades) by Caroline Gao

Hey! This is a poem which one of my besties Caroline Gao wrote :) it's kinda like Percy Jackson and the Olympians, for all the gods, in this poem are crazyyy just like the book, although they are a little different, but there are some similarities. The poem is written in Hades perspective, as he doesn't live in Mount Olympus, and as you all probably know, lives in the Underworld, 'cause he's the God of the Dead. And you'll probably get the connection between...just read it! ENJOY!!

Why I Live Underground
In the Perspective of Hades
By Caroline Gao

Mount Olympus, way up high
through the clouds and into the sky
there they were, the thrones of heaven,
in the sky, there were two and eleven.

They were shooting stars that brightly shined
and were worshipped by all of mankind
to us they all seemed very kind
but do you know what happens behind

our backs? well now let me tell you
because you clearly have no clue
astonishing secrets, unpleasant sounds
theres a reason I live underground.

Zeus is just about as mighty
as an acne outburst on Aphrodite
this guy still sleeps with a teddy
tell me, how old is he already?

Hera and Zeus always fight,
and Dionysus drinks all night
crash! smash! shattered glass galore
like sparkling crystals on the floor

Aphrodite may seem beautiful
but it wasn't all that wonderful
seeing her trying to lose all that weight
for two whole centuries she hardly ate

Apollo says he can play the lyre
but inside he really is a liar
the lyre plays itself, thats how it was charmed
so Apollo's weak fingers could stay unharmed

and since when was Hestia so pure?
countless flirtatious looks I endured.
how old is this girl? 12? 13?
it'd be better off if she were clean.
Athena and Ares would always fight
the Gods of War were no delight
all day, all night, through the afternoon
like big bad balloon-headed buffoons

Hephaestus and Poseidon were the worst pair
for everyday I had to bear
with their loud and noisy ways
from hammering and hurricanes, couldn't sleep for days. 

and don't get me started with Demeter.
they say she's nature's thermometer.
she's still holding a grudge on me...
I think its because of Persephone.

and now you have finally found
the reason why I live underground
poor old Hades did nothing wrong,
Mount Olympus just isn't where I belong.

The illustrations that Caroline drew were really funny (too bad I can't get them on here!) and it's really funny how she portrayed the gods! I loved this poem cause I can understand it, I mean cause if you've read Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan, or learnt Greek History and Mythology, you're sure to know about what the Gods and their weakness' and powers are. Thanks so much Caroline, and cheerio for now!
By the Way, I cannot wait for The Kane Chronicles, a new series by Rick Riordan on Egyptian Mythology! Look Forward to future reviews: Missing You by Meg Cabot; Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins; The Indigo King by James A. Owen; More Pretty Little Liars (book 2-7) by Sara Shepard; Evermore and Blue Moon by Alyson Noël; City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare; Rumors by Anna Godbersen; and Princess Forever (The Princess Diaries book 10) by Meg Cabot! WHEW! Gotta a lot to review, so come back for later! Bye!

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