Inspired... you in?

Hey Guys,

I was inspired by something I said (or rather...blogged) on my Top Ten Tuesday post today. I totally wanna review the books YOU guys want me to, and who doesn't love books as gifts? ;) But with my practically no-money allowance (yeah, life is hard being 15 :P) I have no way to give back a book (trust me, I'd LOVE to give y'all back something). So I was thinking, how 'bout a trade for a "trade"? (and when I put trade in "" I mean something back from me!)

If you send me a book (details further down) I will:

(a) When I post the review, I'll thank you a bajillion times. (LOL)
(b) Feature you on my blog for a WHOLE WEEK. Your Reviews, Guest Posts, whatever! Like, a post a day :D
(c) Interview with you, like "Get to know the blogger"
(d) Something else blog-wise...your choice. Possibly a video of me showcasing different books: Girls with dresses, faerie books, shiny books. I dunno! the possibilities are endless. And then a video featuring YOU doing the same! I dunno, these are ideas people.

Books accepted – ANYTHING: ARCs, Galleys, New or Used Paperback/hardcover and hey, what's the good ol' Book Depository there for anyway??

I feel like this is bribing...kinda, except y'all get something big back! So whaddya say? email me:

iliveforreading AT hotmail DOT com

and NOTE: I want the book of YOUR choice (YA only though and if adult, chick-lit is okay!), not mine. YOUR INPUT makes me happy! But if I have the book already/already reviewed it, I'll still be happy to interview you on the blog + one review/guest post of yours posted here... just the thought of you wanting to send a book counts :D

Thanks and love y'all. You're amazing!

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