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Every once in a while, I rant about something. In fact, I think I complain about at least one or two things per day. "Rants" is a meme which is pretty straight forward: You rant. It can be completely book related or not. It's just to get something off your chest, for you to scream your words out to the world. 
So my rant of today is Book Signings in Singapore (or other parts of Asia for that matter).
Okay, I'll admit it. I'm jealous of all you people in the US, Canada, UK and other amazing places which authors ACTUALLY visit. I keep hearing about my friends back in Toronto going for several amazing book signings and stuff, and I'm like, "where was THAT when I lived there?!" I only went to one book signing in Toronto, and it was one heck of an experience. Loved it, even though it took around 3-4 hours to get my book signed. But that's besides the point.

The problem with Singapore that authors of popular books almost NEVER come here. The only major signing I've heard of, and attended, was the Lauren Kate Signing in Singapore (read about it here). That's actually the only one I've ever heard of occurring in Asia recently. It's pretty sad, 'cause Singapore is so diverse, you get a whole bunch of people from different people from different places coming to the signings here (if they do come). The lines aren't huge as the book signings in the US etc., and it goes so much quicker, but that way everyone does get the chance to have a (short) one-on-one with the author.
I'm pretty sure that flying to Europe is as expensive (or even more) for a book signing there, so why not come here? Where so many people, locals, foreigners and expats are all wanting you to sign and talk about your book? It just doesn't really make any sense.

I'm pretty sure there have been authors visiting Singapore in probably the past decade, but seriously, loads of YA readers are here. Give Singapore a chance! And of course, [authors] if you do come, I'll definitely come to your signing :D.
Well, thanks for "listening" to me ramble on, but I do hope this changes some people perspectives on this topic. I don't wanna be left out on all of the fun! What did you complain about today? Leave a link/comment!

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