TV Shows this Fall

Just wanted to talk about the AWESOME TV shows coming up...some new and some old :) It's actually kinda sad, I only recently (like April? May?) started watching TV. Stuff that everyone keeps on talking about: Gossip Girl, Modern Family etc. But I can't wait to start watching some of these!


Pretty Little Liars
Continuation of Season 2

OMG! I'm totally in love with this series. I know, they're taking a season break (or whatever they call it) but I seriously am hyped up for the halloween special! The promo looks AWESOME! Check that out here.

to those who watched the last episode before the break: did that blog your mind or what? I know I was completely freaked out at the end. I NEED to know what happens. The TV show is so unpredictable -_-.

Gossip Girl

Season 5

Hmm...this one's gonna take a while to get to. I'm only halfway through Season 2! Because of the multiple TV shows I watch, it's been taking a while for me to go through all episodes. Loving it though :D

Modern Family
Season 3

Okay, at least with this one, I'm not so behind. I'm nearly finished Season 2, which is much more progress than Gossip Girl. FUNNIEST. SHOW. EVER! Love Phil, Gloria and Cam: funniest characters on the show. My younger sister has watched the released episodes for Season 3 and keeps teasing me by spoiling little bits of the episodes.
So not fair!

Those are the older TV shows which I need to start watching again or can't wait for!
Now here's the NEW TV SHOWS I wanna watch:

The Secret Circle

I'm not a really big fan of The Vampire Diaries (I actually started watching, but then I couldn't get any further...should I continue watching or drop it?) but this one looks amazing. Just came out and I have the first episode to watch, so this should be interesting :).

New Girl

This one looks really cute (plus my friend said it was kinda funny) but it's gotten tons of hype, and I've been seeing the poster for this one, like, EVERYWHERE online. Should check it out!

Hart of Dixie

This TV show looks like a really cute, comical and dramatic southern, the poster's really gorgeous. Have the first episode. Need to watch and see!

Up All Night

I've seen the first episode (it's actually pretty short!) and it's quite funny, really cute and the baby is adorable. Liking it so far ;D

Last Man Standing

I've never really seen anything with Tim Allen in it (at least I think...) except for Toy Story, but this one looks seriously HILARIOUS. Can't wait!

Once Upon a Time

The poster looks amazing, and the trailer looks like it's made to be a movie...but I'm having mixed feelings about this one. It seems a little (what's the word?) cheesy, I guess? I dunno. Still going to give it a try, and I'll see how it goes from there.

Work It

Okay, NEED this one. HI. LA RI. OUS. Watched the promo, SO FUNNY! seriously couldn't stop giggling after. Original and totally caught my attention. WANT!

Apartment 23

Okay, this one features the friend from Confessions of a Shopaholic, whom I didn't really like, but this TV show seems okay. Also got a lot of hype, but I'm gonna have to see how it goes.


No idea how this one is, sounds funny though, so gonna give it a try. Apparently it's somewhat a mix of Juno and something else, so it should be pretty interesting.

I Hate My Teenage Daughter

Okay, this is pretty sad, since I'm a teen and stuff, but I REALLY wanna see this. This trailer's SO FUNNY and sounds like it's really gonna be quite the comedy series.

And that is all the TV shows I'm looking forward to watching this season! Let me know some other good shows...totally wanna check them out!


  1. I couldn't get into the Vampire Diaries either. But everyone seems to love it. I have watched a few episodes of the Secret Circle. Not loving it but I am going to give it 5 episodes.

    I love TV :)


  2. I finally got to see the first five episodes of the Pretty Little Liars first season, and I am addicted. I have to catch up on it! Also, The Lying Game is fantastic, if you haven't watched it yet. I love it. The only other show I'm interested in is CSI (Vegas). I don't watch too much TV, but I am definitely addicted to those three shows.


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