The Summer I Lost It by Natalie Kath

The Summer I Lost It by Natalie Kath

Release Date: August 1st, 2011
Publisher: Stone Arch Books
Rating: MG 11+
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley

Kat is just like other fourteen-year-old girls. Except this summer, she's spending four weeks at a Health Camp . . . otherwise known as fat camp. Can she lose the weight she needs to be able to do the things everyone else does? Or will she let her body control her?

**This Review is based on an ARC (Advanced Reader's Copy). The final text/cover may be different.**

The Summer I Lost It was really quick to read and only took me around half an hour to read.  It's an easy read, so it goes pretty fast. It's more like a "tip" book, on how teens can kinda lose weight through the story of Kat and her desperate attempt to lose a bunch of pounds. I gotta tell you, this might actually inspire me to walk out more. I'm such a lazy person I swear. I could live on my bed. But enough of that for now, onto it!

I found Kat and okay character, and because this book was really short, you really don't get to know her. But I definitely like her determination and drive to actually do something about her weight. I love her crush, Conner! I love him because he actually likes Kat for who she is, and not what she looks like. He's so sweet! Totally hate the other guy.
The synopsis however, is a little bit off. It kinda implies she DOES go to fat camp when in fact she DOESN'T. Kinda weird, but off well. It's still a great book which anyone can read!

Overall, I found The Summer I Lost It an inspirational book, with everything right: little bit of info, fun and puppy love. Natalie Kath has also included amazing tips at the back, so it makes it even more worthwhile!
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