Prom Night: All the Way by Megan Stine

How far will a girl go just to get asked to the prom?

Carmen Salgado is in Senior Hell. She just moved to town-meaning a new school, no friends, and worst of all, no date for the prom. Desperation is just starting to set in when she suddenly gets some attention from the most popular jock in school, Joey Perrone-attention that takes a bad turn when Carmen refuses to go all the way. But thanks to Joey, the whole school thinks she did.

Being invisible was bad, but being a laughingstock is worse. Her only hope is to get into the school play, and into the arms of Tyler North, her crush. But things may not go as she plans-and this year's prom might have a brand new theme: Carmen's Revenge.

Prom Night: All the Way is as good as any hilariously laugh-out-loud book. Maybe even better. It's one of those "light, fluffy books" when we've taken too much of seriousness and the heavy books, and need a good laugh and a cute read. 

Carmen's AWESOME. I loved her character, she's hilariously funny, amazingly talented (Luv her Fashion Designs!) and headstrong, not afraid and is willing to move on. I love some of the things she says, she's just so EVILLY Funny (evil in a good way!) when it comes to revenge, and she's just awesome in a general way :).
Carmen strikes a problem at the beginning of the book: The Prom. Who's she going to go with? She just moved to a new school where her only friends are her cousin and her friend. She cannot go to her previous school's prom, because, well, she doesn't go there anymore! Just so conveniently, she lives next to Molly, the most popular girl in the school and sees her and Joey, her boyfriend breakup. Joey then asks her out and SCORE! Carmen's sure she has a date to the Prom. That's a good thing... Right?


WRONG. Everything starts falling downhill from there on. Rumors start spreading around and worst of all, all guys are now asking Carmen out for the wrong reasons. Pictures, E-mails and Blog posts spread rumors and hate around and Carmen then becomes Popular...popularly bad. I really love how Carmen's so strong during this time. She doesn't crack under the pressure, she tries to do right, by moving on and ignoring the jaunts, the teasing and the hurt.
I really thought that Tyler would be the one, but guess what?? (Really big spoiler people. DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU WANT THE BOOK TO BE SPOILED!) He's just as bad as two-faced Joey! He only wanted Carmen for the wrong reason and it's really sad how she finds out. And this then is the final straw.

Carmen's out for Revenge.

Her revenge plots are helped by her partner in crime, Emily (another amazing character!) plan devious (and genius!) plans for revenge to those who hurt her. In a hilariously funny way, for us at least. I couldn't stop laughing at her revenge plans for the Guys and Dolls play and of course, during the Prom.

All Characters were very realistic, and it's sad to say, but I think this could really end up happening in real life, which makes the book even more realistic so. Everything is planned out well, the plot ties up well and people who seem like one thing, turn out to be another. The Cover really caught my attention (I believe it was on sale at Indigo! Bookstores...) and it really intrigued me to read this book.

Overall, Prom Night: All the Way is a hilariously funny revenge story with a realistic side, with emotions raging from hurt to love. Megan Stine has written an amazing story about that one special night in a girl's life, the Prom. Can't wait to read another of her books, Prom Night: Making Out


  1. Thanks for your review !! I've only read the spoiler free part .. Sorry !! I've added this book to my wishlist .. =)

  2. Okay, I scrolled past the spoilers!! But this looks like a cool book :) I'm your newest follower!

    Lah @ LazyGirl Reads

  3. I haven't read this one, but I love books that make me laugh!!!
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog


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