Cover Alert (5)

"Cover Alert" is a meme I've created by myself. It's to show what new covers that have been revealed that I've discovered! and here it is:

OMG! I nearly screamed when I saw this cover! I haven't been able to grab a copy of Night Star yet, but STILL!!! It's amazing! It HAS DAMEN ON IT!!! EEEKKK... I think I could die of excitement! LOL joking, but yup :D here's a blurb: 

Everlasting is the sixth and final installment of the epic love story that has enchanted readers across the world. Ever and Damen have spent centuries facing down bitter rivals, jealous friends and their own worst fears-all in the hope of being together forever. Now in Everlasting, their destiny is finally within reach.

Will they be united-or torn apart forever? Readers will finally discover the truth in this anxiously awaited conclusion!

Wow...I seriously mean, I was thinking, how many books are exactly in the series? and yes, even after the freaking out I've calmed down. I kinda lost track around halfway the third book. Now the story line isn't as exciting as the first 2 books....but still, I'll want to read it, for sure.

What book covers have you discovered this week? Leave a link/comment!

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  1. totally LURVE this series, i am still only in shadowland, thus is life right?


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