Book Breakups - Week 3

"Book Breakups" is a weekly meme hosted by Pure ImaginationHave you ever stopped reading a book because it was so boring, you couldn't finish it or for whatever reason just stopped? This is what this meme's about.

One Book I've Broken up with is:

The Dark is Rising
by Susan Cooper

I broke up with this book, because well...

I just couldn't get to finish it. I was moving from Canada to Singapore at this time and HAD to pack it in the box containing all my books. I saw the movie when we were staying at the service apartment in Singapore and I loved it! It makes me want to read the book, and give it another try...even though people say that it's nothing like the book, but oh well.

here's the blurb:

On his 11th birthday, Will Stanton learns that he is the last born of the Old Ones. At once, he is plunged into a quest for the six magical Signs that will one day aid in the final battle between the Dark and Light.

That's a really teeny blurb, but whatevs. Any-hoo, what book have you stood up? Leave a link/comment!

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  1. This is a great idea for a blog post! For those books out there that I just CANNOT get into for whatever reason and end up putting down - sometimes I force myself to trudge through them - more often if it's an audio book - but I know what you mean, when you just have to "Break Up" with a book. Sorry, books, "it's me, not you!"
    Thanks so much for sharing.


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