Hush Money by Susan Bischoff

They call their abilities Talents, and that’s what they call themselves as well. Talents are people born with supernatural powers, feared by the population at large. Possession of an “unregistered ability” has become illegal, and those who are discovered are forcibly removed to government-run research facilities. For Talents, keeping their secret is the most important thing in their lives. For some, that need for secrecy begins to define who they are.

That’s how it is for Joss, a high school girl who does everything in her power to go unnoticed. She's incredibly bright, but strives to maintain grades that are good yet not too good. She doesn't participate in school activities, keeps quiet in class, eats by herself. Despite her longtime crush on Dylan, she wouldn't even think about trying to talk to him. Joss doesn't make friends of any kind, because friends can draw attention, friends can make you slip up, friends can make things complicated.

When new girl, Kat, steps in to rescue Joss from an uncomfortable situation with Marco, the class jerk, she doesn’t realize what she’s getting into, and it blows up in her face. Joss finds herself torn between a desire to do the right thing, to find some way to help a girl who was kind to her; and her need to mind her own business and fade into. For the first time, Joss begins to question the way she operates, and starts to long for connections with other people--especially a connection with Dylan, who's finally starting to talk to her.

But what's up with Dylan's sudden interest? As Marco’s best friend, can he be trusted at all?

It's bad enough when a girl's got to worry about friends, boys, over-protective dads, and shoes that pinch, but when you throw in blackmail, government agents with guns, and really annoying little sisters...that's just about too much to handle, even for a girl with an ass-kicking superpower. 

(Note: may contain spoilers)

Superheroes with amazing powers? Check.
A Cute Romance? Check.
One of the Most Awesomest Butt-Kicking Books I've ever read? Check.

Susan Bischoff has created an amazing new world in her book Hush Money. If you have a Talent, you'd better hide.

I've never read a book with Superheroes in it. Well, Superheroes with an arrange of powers, to be exact. Unless you're going for comics or that sort of stuff, but you never really find a YA book today with Superheroes and their amazing abilities. It's kinda like Maximum Ride meets the The Incredibles, except more for teens. I love superpowers (who doesn't) and the world of the Talent Chronicles brought that to the world of YA Literature.

Everything starts out suspenseful with the taking of a girl who had a Talent. We (as readers) are told that people with Talents get taken away. It isn't accepted that some people have powers, and they end up mysteriously disappearing. We are then introduced to Joss, who does have a Talent. A freaking amazing one, to be exact (but I'm not giving that away. he he.) and we can see why it's so important to keep it all hush hush.

It was like reading a movie.

I mean, who doesn't like that? it was fast paced and every detail meant everything and just added to the whole atmosphere of the book. If you're one of those types of people who love anything with action, and is quick to grab your attention, Hush Money's the book for you.

I loved Joss' character. She is just so incredible, with her sarcastic comments, her will to listen to her parents and stay out of the crowd and be a loner, with no friends. The emotions are amazing. I swear, it's like reading a personal diary, it just reveals so much about her character. As I got further into the book, I found her opening up more, revealing more and showing more of the other side to her: the side that wants to be normal, have friends and of course, be with Dylan.

Speaking of Dylan, he is soooo going on my Hot/Cute Book Guy Characters list. I mean, I felt like I do with Meg Cabot and Sarah Dessen's book boys. Thumpity-thump, flip flopping and whole lotta jealousy. You gotta love a guy who can do that to you :D. I found him really sweet, like the bad-boy personality with a nicer side to him. I loved his interaction with Joss' sister, Jill, and even more when he talks to Joss (I felt like screaming KISS! KISS! whenever they talked)

I found that I loved reading both the perspectives of Joss and Dylan. We learn so much about what's going on in both of their lives and how they feel. Secrets and plans are revealed, love is shown and it's just amazing how Ms. Bischoff can show the lives of two teens...with err, amazing ability.
There are such an amazing array of emotions and personalities in this book. From the perky and sassy Kat, to the moody and secretive bully Marco, you'll be flooded with feelings that are so overwhelming, you'll have to put down this book and take it all in.

Overall, I would say if you are either a comic-loving geek, someone who loves romance, someone who's longing and loves adventure, or a person who just is looking for an amazing YA read by a new author, Hush Money, is the book for you. Susan Bischoff has created a fantastic new series, The Talent Chronicles, which will leave you wanting for more. I can't wait for Heroes 'Til Curfew!

*****Thank You to Susan Bischoff for sending me a copy of Hush Money. It was amazing reading it, and I cannot wait for the next one!*****

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